My Daughter’s Legacy


My Daughter's Legacy

My Daughter’s Legacy (Harvest House, July 2017)

A thrilling tale of two women longing to follow God’s leading, make the most of second chances, and find true love at last

Virginia, 1864

Therese Jennings cannot abide the thought of owning slaves. When her widowed mother inherits a plantation, Therese flees to Civil War Richmond, where she works as a governess by day and tends to wounded soldiers at night. But when trouble befalls her family, can she reconcile her obligations with her beliefs? And will love—whether with an old beau or a handsome new suitor—ever fit in her broken world?

Virginia, present day

Nicole Talbot’s life is back on track after years of substance abuse. Home from college for the summer, she’s finally ready to share a shocking secret, one that raises new questions about a traumatic childhood experience. But when facts she uncovers cast doubt on her family’s legacy, she must risk all that she’s gained—her fresh start, her family’s trust, and her growing relationship with a new man—to unlock the secrets of the past.

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My Review:

I didn’t realize this was the third book in the series until after I read it.  So I’m sure reading the first two in the series would have really helped with the back story and would have made this third book in a way easier to read/understand.  I really like the dual story aspect to it.  I hate being critical of any books, but if there was one thing I would say this didn’t quite grab my attention like some books, and the only thing I can figure is that it was just a little bit confusing to me because of the names and maybe it being the third book played into that too.  It’s still a great book, just one to make sure your thinking cap is on as you read (and maybe that’s just me – I’ve read other reviews, and didn’t find that to be a theme).  I’ve never read any books from either of the authors until now.  I did feel drawn in by the characters and their stories.  I can’t honestly say it was my favorite or up there with my favorite, but it was an enjoyable read and one to take your time reading.  If I were giving this a grade, it would get a B+ or maybe a 3.8/5 ranking.

Five Things Friday

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It’s been a while since I’ve done a themed day (like Fitness Friday, Friday Favorites, Five Things Friday or whatever strikes a fancy).

1. It’s SEPTEMBER!  I love the changing of months, the changing of seasons, fresh starts…I even like Mondays! (gasp!)  Even though it doesn’t necessarily *feel* quite like full-on Fall yet (although we have had some very very very nice Fall-like days), technically still being Summer, September signals the onslaught of cozy comfy things: scarves, sweaters, boots, blankets, warm drinks, apples, and pumpkin, pumpkin, and more pumpkin.  Most of the day today, this song has been floating through my head:

2. I had my DNA tested (through and then for $5 more got some health info from, and did you know that there’s a gene that apparently some people have where as a child, they have a stronger-than-average ability to detect bitterness?  But then that above-average ability plummets to under-average when they’re adults… hence why brussel sprouts or olives may have been hated as a child but enjoyed as an adult.   ((although, it seems to me that I don’t think I really know of ANY child who enjoys either of those, but it was still something neat to hear)).  Some useful info I found out was that I have 2 copies of the MTHFR gene mutation.  Good thing my XFactor Plus multivitamin has methylated forms of vitamins in it (like folate instead of folic acid)…I can’t believe how many things have folic acid added to it!  I still have a lot of reading to do, as it’s genetic/scientific and I have to take it in pieces to digest, lol.

3.  “Diamonds are a girls best friend”, right?  Well, Anjolee sent me this GORGEOUS ring (*note: the version they made for me is made from cz and silver, and it is so shiny, sparkly, and high quality, that I can’t even imagine if it were real diamonds).



This is from their diamond anniversary rings collection.  The exact one I picked is the “Delightful Diamond Anniversary ring” (there are sooo many choices).

It is truly so much prettier in person – I took a lot of photos trying to get the sparkle to come across, and it just doesn’t come across like it does in real life.  I don’t know if it was a problem with their size chart, or if it was a problem with how it printed out for me, but there was a big difference for me from the rings I currently have and what the size chart said I should get (again, maybe it was my printer or user error on my part, but just something to be aware of if it is way off for you).  So I ended up deciding to get what my gut was telling me, what I have in other rings.  So I got a size 6 and it fits perfectly.  It’s actually so perfect because it fits my ring finger of both hands (the left a little loose but not falling-off loose), and then it also fits the middle finger of left hand nicely and my pointer pretty snug.  So it offers variety.

At first I was like, “Is this too blingy?”  Like somehow it would be okay for a married woman to wear the bling, but not a single woman.  Eek, lol!  I got over that feeling quickly though, because you don’t have to be married to wear a nice pretty ring, despite the “anniversary” name.  If you love it, wear it!  I’ve been wearing it all the time, not just for dressing up events.

4.  Do you sleep with a fan on or white noise?  I have (miraculously) made it through the whole summer without using air conditioning, just a fan.  So now that the weather is turning cooler at nights, I’m wondering if my use the fan is more of wanting it to actually blow cool air on me or more of the noise or habit of it.  Just random ponderings.

5.   This is the Labor Day Weekend.  Any plans?  I have a few things I want to do, one of which is to write a poem.  I am praying and hoping the words come to me because it is for a dear lady who has asked me to write something for a project she is doing.  It has been a long while since I’ve written poetry, and I’m feeling both a bit unfit for the severity/importance I feel it is, but yet, I am honored and humbled to give it a go.  So that’s my one big thing I would like to accomplish over the weekend.

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