Fashion Friday: Trends to Skip

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Obviously, everyone has their own tastes and what works for them.  I love shopping at Zulily, and besides seeing when they have great deals on things I like, I’ve been able to really see what styles and trends that I am totally fine with just letting roll on by.  Maybe you like or can pull off these trends.  I cringe and raise an eyebrow when I see these trends, so I know they are definitely not for me!   But… thinking I should try to expand my fashion horizons, I’ve decided to also post a version of the trend that I would be more willing to embrace or try.  So, without further discussion, here are 5 Trends to Skip when shopping this Fall:

1.  The harem pant.  I’m honestly not sure who likes these pants… or who looks good in them for that matter… all I can think of when I see these are 1) dressing up like a baby with a sagging diaper, or 2) you actually want to make your hip/butt/gut appear larger.  Neither of those options are very appealing to me, so I’ll stay far far away from this trend!


Anabelle harem pants

A better option:  Oh, this is hard for me to even imagine, lol…. but at least this option is less saggy diaper looking


Carla Venturi wool-blend harem pants

2.  Tribal print.  It’s just not my thing. I’ve seen many fashion bloggers who look great in tribal print.


Brandon & Ashley tribal chevron top

A better option:  A bit more blended


Young Threads tribal blouson dress


Fuchsia and Mint tribal dress

3.  Leopard print.  Again, many people can pull off the leopard print trend with flying colors.  I look like I’m trying to get into character for The Jungle Book or something.


Quiz leopard pearl yoke dress

A better option:  Think accessories or small details


Matisse beige leopard royce leather ballet flats




Style 101 by Ganz charcoal leopard lace scoop neck top

4.  Skinny jean.  I know this is a huge trend, and it is a fine trend…on the right body shapes.  I’ve heard it said that “everyone can wear skinny jeans”.  No, I beg to differ.  Yes, everyone *can*, but not everyone will look good in them.  And I’m not saying you have to be skinny to wear skinny jeans (hate that idea), but someone’s basic body shape does come into play.  For instance, I am on the short side with a pear-shaped bottom-heavy body type.  Maybe as I continue to lose more weight and shape up my body, I perhaps will find out I’ve changed my mind, but I’m not seeing it changing anytime soon. Skinny jeans taper in at the ankle, therefore, they will draw attention to your thighs/hips.  I think if you are taller and still pear shaped, *maybe* you’ll find you can make this work with the right top and shoes/boots.


Henry & Belle side stripe skinny jeans

A better option:


Henry & Belle micro flare jeans

5.  Oversized.  It seems this is a big trend too – super loose, slouchy, dropped sleeves.  Again, on some body frames, this may work.  On my narrower upper body and shorter height, oversized can very quickly go from super comfy to super unflattering.   Many people think going bigger will best mask their extra weight, but in doing so, they actually often add pounds.  Obviously, I’m not saying buy skin-tight clothing, but there should be a balance of fitted vs. too loose.


Covet line-blend cardigan

A better option:  Something that drapes and has just a bit of structure without being overwhelming



Magic Fit draped cardigan

5a.  (Perhaps this could be its own point, but I didn’t want to mess up the “5 Trends” theme and couldn’t think of 5 more to make it 10, so just go with it) Palazzo Pant.  Okay, these look extremely extremely comfortable!  I am allllll about comfy clothing!  The softer something feels, the better!  So, I would wear these around the house or for pajamas.  But I just feel these would completely overwhelm, add 20 pounds, and just be so unflattering.  Like every other trend up here, many people I’m sure will look amazing in them.  I just feel if you already have larger thighs, these may make your thighs look like they take up the whole of the pants even though they don’t.


Bellino plum palazzo pant

A better option: Look for one that is slightly less full through the thigh


Summer Skin light denim palazzo pant


Of course, all of this is just in fun and even a little bit silly.  You find what works for you, what you like, and go for it!  :)

The Callanetics Studio

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the callanetics studio

As you’ve probably gathered by now, I enjoy nontraditional exercise.  I’m really not sure what the pull is for me – maybe I just dislike the pounding, the jumping, the mindless sweating.  But I still want to get good workouts – programs that I can feel, that I can see, and that I know from personal experience work – those are programs I am drawn to.  I’m up for trying just about anything.  A few years ago, I came across the original Callanetics videos and started them.  Besides the crazy 80s vibe, the weird music, and Callan’s “perfect little peach” terminology, I did enjoy it.

So when I more recently saw there is an online program – The Callanetics Studio – that offers online classes (some for free on youtube as well), I was very happy to try it out!  While it is still the Callanetics that Callan Pinckney developed, there are little tweaks and improvements as well. I love the focus on proper body alignment, of really listening to every muscle and fiber of your body, or relaxing while at the same time pulsing (which in some ways is easy, yet hard!). The instruction is very detailed, and I never got lost or felt like it was at a pace that wasn’t right.  It’s definitely a program you can grow with, that’s for sure!!! I found myself feeling extremely relaxed and calm, but never tired, after completing a workout.  The owner and co-owner, Sandra and Adelaide, are so sweet and so personable!  The online workout option really makes you feel like you’re a part of a class – the environments are bright and clear, sunny, and high quality. Love their accent too. The only issue whatsoever I had with the online format (and more an issue with my setup and computer, not the concept) was that I could not see the screen well when doing the floor work, and at times my computer would cause the videos to buffer.  But I would just pause the workout and let the entire thing load and then play it through.  I am focusing more heavily on another program this month, but I plan to sign up and start The Callanetics Studio again next month, just make sure to make my environment more conducive to seeing a small computer screen!

Besides the great variety of workouts they offer, from beginning to expert, from very short to very long, they also have a blog and a cafe, which are areas you get to learn more about them, the program, ask questions if you need help, and connect with others who are also doing Callanetics.   HERE is a recent blog article Adelaide wrote that’s definitely worth a read (as are all of the blog posts).


The Callanetics Studio FB page

The Callanetics Studio Youtube Channel  (great to get an overview of their workouts!)

Pricing is very affordable, with the first month being $6.95 and then $14.95 a month after, or $145 for a yearly membership.

As amazing as it would be to train with them in Australia, the reality of that happening for most of us would be nonexistent.  But with their online classes, you can feel as if you are with them and do so at a time that’s convenient for you.

Here is a preview for one of their full workouts (emphasis on the butt and thighs, definitely the areas I need the most emphasis on!)

I’d love to know your thoughts on Callanetics!  Have you ever heard of it before – did you try the original Callanetics?  Are you up for trying a month of The Callanetics Studio?  I definitely don’t think you’ll regret it!

** I was given a month free in exchange for my honest review.**

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