12 Days of Christmas Giveaways: Charise Noel Jewelry



I’m so excited to share about this giveaway series – I’ve joined together with some other amazing bloggers and we will be having various giveaways over the next 12 days – each giveaway being open for 1 week, with the final giveaway ending on Christmas day!  Today’s giveaway is one I am super excited about because I am loving it and think so many of you will too, either for yourself or to gift to someone special in your life.



I heard about Charise Noel from a friend, who heard about her from a friend,…  Her designs are just so pretty, classic, simple, and feminine, and I just love how easy they are to wear – no annoying tiny clasp that takes 18749 seconds to clasp.

Charise was kind enough to allow me to ask her some questions regarding her jewelry and her company:

Q: How did you get started with Charise Noel Jewelry? 

I never thought I would make jewelry as my passion and purpose in life.   Growing up I wasn’t interested in fashion.   I was interested in helping others.  However, I started making jewelry when I had both of my feet operated on at the same time and needed something to keep my hands busy since I couldn’t walk and was going crazy!  A friend gave me her tools and pearls because she thought she would make jewelry, but she found she never had the time.   As a 6th and 7th grade math and science teacher, I had put a mathematical equation together using the principals of the pulley system to eliminate the dainty clasp on delicate necklaces.  I had done this because my mom, who was a stage 4 breast cancer survivor, had lost dexterity in both hands and couldn’t wear her favorite jewelry any more.  I took the equation that I had already figured out and the tools and materials that my friend had given to me and thought I would see if my equation worked.  I sat and pieced the materials together and what I saw in my head I miraculously could make with my hands.  I made my first pearl necklace for my mom to try and the equation worked!

Q: Is there a creative process you go through to deciding what new designs are added to your collection?
Yes, I am a story teller with jewelry.  I make jewelry that is the easiest to wear and includes everyone.  The saying “the more the merrier” is a mantra for me.  I want everyone to be included in my jewelry, to find a necklace and say “this is me”.  If I have a purpose, a story, a cause, anything that is lovely and redemptive, then I get inspired from it and want to express that in my jewelry.  I draw inspiration for my jewelry designs from scripture and from people’s life stories, like my friend and actress Venda who has struggled with diabetes since childhood.  There are endless inspiring stories and causes.  I am blessed to be an artist who can portray the difficulties and hardships of life as beautiful jewelry.

I have needed a new creative perspective from time to time, like when ladies kept asking for a necklace that had charms.  And I would tell them “NO, I’m not a charm-y girl.”  I like individual charms, however when you put a cluster of charms together, it looks cluttered and makes noise . . . two things I don’t like.  So when I created my Magic line, it was my solution to the request of customers for charms.  I had to open my mind up to creating a charm necklace that I would like.  I don’t call them charms, though.  I call them Magic Endings, because they dangle off the ends but the individual endings are easily seen.  Now ladies get to collect Magic Endings that represent their favorite things in life, and I get to make a necklace that is elegant and simple.
Q: What is the most difficult thing about owning your own business? 

One word…Perseverance.  You make money and lose money, face obstacles and figure out solutions, and accept failures as graciously as you enjoy successes.  When you are building a business it can get messy.  There is no such thing as a perfectly happy story without mistakes and or tough lessons.  Although it is your own business, nobody can do it all on their own.  We need the help and support of others.  The decisions are yours and yours alone, because you have to be able to live with the outcome.  However, when there is a need, a calling, a purpose that is bigger than YOU, then you are not alone in it.  There is a need to work with others and allow God to do the impossible through you.

Q: What is the most rewarding thing about owning your own business?

I am passionate about making jewelry that is the easiest you have ever used, regardless of your age or physical ability.  When I see a 3 year old who doesn’t know how to tie their own shoelaces, or a 93 year old with poor eyesight and trembling hands, easily put my necklace on and take it off by them self, my purpose is complete and that is success!  I just feel like screaming “SEE, YOU DID IT” but I don’t have to, because the first thing that comes out of their mouth is even more precious.  They look at me with wonder and say “I DID IT”!


Charise sent me a Teresa Classic Beauty necklace (22″) as well as a Solitaire Magic Necklace with Magic Endings to review, and I am over the moon about them.  I have worn both, and they are so versatile.  Surprisingly, even though the Teresa has a pink/peach hue to it, it goes with so many outfits and has a beautiful mother of pearl/iridescent quality to it.  Here is the story behind the Teresa: “The Teresa necklace was designed for my Aunt who has crippling  Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) for her to wear a dainty necklace every day that she can quickly do herself.  The pink color is for joy and the coin pearls lay flat because she is dear to my heart.”  Isn’t that just lovely?  I love hearing the inspiration behind the creations – makes them more meaningful.




The Solitaire Magic Necklace is also so very versatile.  Because of the design, it can be worn in more ways – as a simple necklace without using any Magic Endings.  Or you can put it on just like the Classic Beauty necklaces, and then attach the Magic Endings of your choice to the magnets and get such a variety of looks.  Her Magic Endings also are used in her Magic Earrings, so even more functionality and swapability there!











Would you like to win your own Teresa Classic Beauty necklace (22″) AND a Magic Necklace with 2 sets of Magic Endings?!?! Your Magic Set will come with the Solitaire Magic Necklace plus the pearl drop Magic Endings and an angel wing with blue gray bead Magic Endings, which equals 3 different necklaces plus the Teresa (plus who says you have to wear both the pearls or both the wings together – you could do one of each for a fourth look). Just enter the giveaway below for a chance to win big!  🙂  (here are pics of the actual Teresa necklace you will win, as well as the Angel Wings Magic Endings, the Solitaire Magic Necklace by itself, and the Pearl Magic Endings.)





Also, as if Charise hasn’t been  generous enough, she has graciously given a code – LeafyNotBeefy – that is good for 72 hours from now for 50% off everything in her shop!!!  Yes, 50% off!!  These would make great gifts!

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How I Saved and a Surprise

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Just like anyone else, I love to save money.  If something is on sale, I’m happy.  So when I started the room redo, I had my eyes open for “savings”.  I wish I were a great couponer.  I do use coupons, and I would say I’m great at online coupon/deal finding, but in stores I’m not as good yet.  But you always have to be working on improving something, right? 😉

I thought I would write up a quick little post detailing a few ways I was able to save and redo my room on the budget I set.

First up – paint.  I had seen Benjamin Moore Harbor Gray/Silver Chain mentioned all over Pinterest when I was searching for a nice neutral gray, but BM paint is really expensive – and according to Consumer Reports, it’s not rated any better than others.  So when I saw Behr was on sale and they could color match to the BM color, … that made me happy, and I am super happy with the color it turned out.

Next, the items I got from Amazon (the dark bins, the gray velvet hangers, the cedar flowers, the desk), all but a little bit of it (I think about all but $20) was paid for by redeeming SB points from Swagbucks.  I talk about them a lot on my Facebook page, but they have helped tremendously – if you are a blogger, I highly recommend their Influencer program.  Something always seems to come up that I want to redeem my points for, but I’m hoping to save up for a computer (maybe even a Mac) for when my current one finally goes kaput.

Also paid mostly for from Swagbucks was the Sauder bookcase!  It was on a great sale, and then with the gift cards I believe what I actually paid was $47.

Another site I use quite a bit when I was buying things online for my room redo, and use in general whenever shopping for anything online, is Ebates.  No, it’s not a lot, but getting any money back for free is always a good thing in my book, plus it adds up eventually.  Also, if you join from my link, you’ll get $10 just for using it.  Plus you can enter to win a 2016 Toyota Highlander Hybrid (and they also have a great blogger program).

And finally, something else I saved on for my room was the nautical-inspired rattan table lamp with linen shade.  I was able to get that through a program called Vipon.  It is free to join (just like all the others have been), and you are able to request items from Amazon at a reduced price – if you love them, you are free to leave a review on Amazon, but you’re not required to do so.  The lamp is so high quality, and it was only $4.80 or something like that.

Now for the surprise…..

I, along with a few other bloggers, will be hosting a “12 Days of Christmas” Giveaway – there will be various giveaways over the next 12 days, starting tomorrow.  Each giveaway will last 1 week from the day it’s posted, with the last one ending on Christmas day.  🙂  You seriously will NOT want to miss these!!  There will be health/food/fitness/beauty and more.  Psst – tomorrow’s giveaway will be a gorgeous beauty item you will love for yourself or for a Christmas gift!

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