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trim healthy mama

I have alluded to this in posts, but wanted to do a little update about my diet (i.e. eating habits, not a set-in-stone or counting or depriving myself way of life).  I told you all I was having some internal struggles with the way I was eating, not because I don’t think it was healthy, but because I wasn’t effectively able to stick to what I told myself I could or could not have.  I still believe a plant-based diet full of leafy green vegetables is extremely healthy and I am still incorporating that in the way I eat.  I just know for me, it was the right time to broaden my palate and let go of some very rigid rules that in my head made me a better person.  I believe the grace of God extends to our food choices as well.  So while I still have some internal hang-ups every once in a while, I am so so so much happier right now with my choices, and it really is starting to feel natural.

So I started Trim Healthy Mama the end of January and now it’s May.  I’ve lost some pounds, my clothing is starting to fit a little better, and I’m happy.  Some things I personally want to work on a little more?  Incorporating more greens and veggies – because you can never have too many of those! 🙂

So if you’re considering this approach, what should you know?

  • The book is M A S S I V E!  At over 600 pages, I’m not even slightly kidding.  To be completely honest, there are some chapters I haven’t even read yet, and I’m constantly finding new recipes, even though I’ve read through them all at least once. You will most likely carry it with you everywhere for a while.  However, it is written in an extremely readable, relatable manner, so it really does go by supper fast.  Pearl and Serene are so down to earth that you just wish you could sip some coffee  (or Good Girl Moonshine) with them and chit chat away!
  • That at first, you may be overwhelmed.
  • You will be seeing a lot of capital letters –  with an E here and an S over there, here an FP, there an lightS, everywhere a FC.  🙂  Don’t let them scare you at all –  I found it pretty fun actually to fit food together to make my meals – kind of like a puzzle (an easy, doable one, not the kind you set up and have to take breaks from).  The general gist is that E stands for Energizing.  What macronutrient gives energy?  Carbs.  So E meals have (good sources) of carbs, like sweet potatoes, quinoa, beans,…).  S stands for Satisfying.  What macronutrient really gives that satiated feeling?  Fats.  So S meals have healthy fats, like coconut oil, butter, and yummy creamy sauces.  So the kicker is that when you have your E (carb) meals, you don’t want to mix it with fats.  And when you have your S meals, you don’t want to fix it with carbs.  So it may all sound confusing, but it’s really not.
  • You will not be counting calories.  You will not even be counting serving sizes.  Hardly any of the recipes really say how much a serving is, but I think the body kind of knows and I haven’t had any problem with that.  One of my favorite snacks or meals is the Fat-Stripping Frappe, and sometimes it’s just too much for me to drink!  So you definitely don’t deprive yourself.
  • That you may have just discovered a whole slew of new-to-you foods.  I thought I was quite versed on food products, but a completely new-to-me product was gluccomannon.  There are a few products that you really *will want* to have at your disposal, but nothing special is actually *required* to make this approach work for you.
  • Swanson and Vitacost just may become bookmarked sites!  That is where I get most of my “specialty items” because their prices are good and they often also have coupons floating around to help (Swanson just recently had a code for 20% off Swanson brand items plus 1 penny shipping, so I took advantage of that to restock a few items that I love – like their big tub of coconut oil).  *These are my affiliate/referral links.  If you click on them, you save some money on your first purchase, and I get a coupon to save on my next purchase*

I really have never felt this free about food for a long time, and I must say, it feels wonderful!  I’m not even sure how I got to the point where I was, it was so gradual, but I am thankful for God’s grace and forgiveness and that His mercy is new every morning!


Guess what?  I was sent the Trim Healthy Mama book to facilitate this review, and I’ve got an extra copy to send to one of you!!!  I was going to open this only to US, but I’ve decided if you don’t mind covering the shipping, I’ll open it up to all others too (so US it will be completely free, all else to cover shipping).

How to enter?  This one is going to be easy-peasy 1 way to enter:

Leave me a comment letting me know *why* you want to win the book.  That’s it.  I’ll draw a winner next Friday, the 16th. *following my blog is not required, but you might as well so you see if you win!  The links to my FB, Twitter, BlogLovin’, and more are at the top.

Gorton’s Real Solutions Review and Giveaway


Get ready for a few giveaways the rest of this week – and today’s will start with a company called Gorton’s, and specifically Gorton’s Real Solutions promotion.  They graciously sent me some free product coupons to facilitate this review, along with a great cutting board.  Unfortunately, my grocery store did not have all of their new flavors in their Artisan Fillet line, but I was able to try out two of them:  Lemon and Cracked Peppercorn and Roasted Garlic and Italian Herb.

Gorton's Real Solutions

Easy to make in the oven and tasted delicious!

Gorton's Real Solutions

I used one of my coupons to get a nonbreaded pack too, as it is a little more on course with THM (although I still very much enjoy the Artisan Fillets):

Gorton's Real Solutions

The fish itself was very flavorful, tender, and mild.  Of the two Artisan flavors, my favorite was the Roasted Garlic and Italian Herb.  I would love to try out the two other flavors they have in this line at some point.  Everything I’ve tried so far, though, from Gorton’s has been great!

In the two meals above, I just added various veggies and called it a meal!  (sugar snap peas in the first; a small sweet potato and lots of lightly sauteed zucchini in the second).

Gorton's Real Fabulous Review
So, now for the part that involves you!
  1. You can visit to download a coupon, find recipes and explore products!
  2. Connect with Gorton’s on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.
  3. Enter the Gorton’s Real Solutions Sweepstakes between March 3 and April 21.

One U.S. winner will receive two (2) full-value product coupons and a Gorton’s cutting board.  To enter, just leave a comment for each thing that you do above (Did you go to Gorton’ to find recipes/explore/print coupon?  Leave a comment.  Did you connect with Gorton’s on FB?  on Twitter?  on Pinterest? Leave a comment for each.  Did you enter the Gorton’s Real Solutions Sweepstakes?  Leave another comment.).

Winner will be drawn on the 26th (announced on this post and also emailed).   **** WINNER:  Elis B. *****

CQC Boutique Review/Giveaway Sunday Style

Today’s Sunday Style was facilitated with help through the kind Denise of CQC Boutique, who provided this product in exchange for highlighting her awesome boutique.  All opinions are honest and my own.

CQC Boutique

Sorry I’ve been a bit lacking in blog posts the past week – I had some stomach issues, but thankfully it has resolved, and I’m feeling back to normal.  I know I always seem to say this, but I can’t believe it’s halfway through the month of September.  It feels like it was just summer, and now it’s finally starting to feel more fallesque. Today’s outfit is sort of my interpretation of that transition between summer and fall…when one day the sun is still beating down and the next you can smell the crispness in the air and start dreaming of pumpkins (oh, is that only me?).

CQC Boutique

CQC Boutique

CQC Boutique


Tank: This top from CQC Boutique

Cardigan: Loft thrifted

Skirt: Chaundry KC

Shoes: Naya (from ebay)

I didn’t feel this outfit needed much in the way of accessories because of the beautiful beading on the tank, and I wanted that to stay a focal point.

Linking up with Plane Pretty and Stylelixir

Denise is giving one of you a $50 gift certificate to shop her boutique!

But first, a little bit about CQC Boutique (which stands for Chic Quality Clothing):

CQC Boutique is the passion of its founder Denise Rasbid. Denise started her business in early 2010 to help women find fun, flattering clothing that challenges them to stretch and update their everyday style. Clothing should express your unique personality and be fun! Denise has an eye for finding unique women’s boutique label fashions that you won’t see every other woman wearing.”

CQC Boutique is having a fabulous sale going on, with limited colors/sizes, so hurry up and snatch up something if it’s calling your name.  They have a lot of awesome brands/labels that are indeed chic, high quality, but also good prices when compared to similar boutiques selling the same brands!  Keep an eye out as they add in pieces this fall, too!

Giveaway ends on September 30th.  US only.

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Vitacost review

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I got another shipment from Vitacost recently to try out some of their products –

Vitacost Review

 There are a couple that I think are standouts.  The Children’s Omega-3 gummies are the first.  I’ve tried a different brand of “chewable” omega-3.  I say “chewable” because you chewed on the capsule to open up the flavored oil inside it, but it was not a pleasant thing.  Very strong fish and very oily taste…not something I’d take.  But these are like slightly sour, slightly sweet candies and I really can’t taste any noticeable fish taste and no oily residue in your mouth.  I gave it to a 2-year-old, a 7-year-old, and an 8-year-old.  The 2-year-old didn’t like it, but the other two liked it, and honestly, I’m quite sad they’re all gone now and think I will reorder because it’s the first omega-3 supplement that I actually love taking.

I had never had meusli before (nor am I sure I’m pronouncing it right in my head – mooslee is how I’m saying it in my head, haha, please correct me if I’m wrong!) so I was interested in trying it.  I love those little oat-covered date pieces especially, but it was a neat change from granola or oatmeal.

And an assortment of Rob’s Red Mill grains.  I haven’t used any of these yet, but the wheels are turning for recipes to make with them.

I’m always pleased with the selection, prices, and customer service of Vitacost.  If you haven’t ordered from them before, feel free to use this link to get $10 off your first purchase.


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Wow Me Wednesdays – Thompson Tee

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Thompson Tee Review:  I’ve decided to coin this post Wow Me Wednesdays, because honestly, this product did completely WOW me!  The Thompson Tee (which was sent to me to review, but I don’t review something unless I think it’s pretty great) is way better than just great…it’s new favorite piece of clothing.  And it’s not even one you really see.  But if you’ve EVER had to deal with excessive sweating as I have (apparently it’s called axillary hyperhidrosis), you will understand how amazing it is to realize NO sweat is showing after HOURS of wear!  Yes, it’s nothing shy of miraculous.  I’m not usually so super duper glowy about a product, but this one deserves all the glow I’ve got to give.  The thing about this shirt is that it doesn’t stop you from sweating, it just stops it from being visible!  (because if it stopped you from actually sweating, that wouldn’t be healthy)…I sort of think of it like it sucks all the sweat up and then transforms it into an invisible vapor that mysteriously doesn’t leave you feeling wet or self-conscious.  Check their website for an actual better description (and some pretty awesome videos too!).

I’ve tried all the different deodorants, the “clinical strength” for women, even tried Old Spice and other men’s deodorants in an attempt to cut down on the wet marks.  And if you have this problem, you know that weather doesn’t always play a role – you could be sedentary in air conditioning and STILL have an issue.  I haven’t had quite as bad of a time for the last few years, but still a bothersome issue.  So when I got the shirt, I wore it on a Wednesday night to prayer meeting, so for about 2 hours total.  No sweat.  I was impressed, but wanted to really give it a good test – an all-day- outside- in- the- heat family reunion.  These pictures were taken at around 6 p.m. after a long day of enjoying family and the 80+ degree sunshine.  This would never have happened before, and I am very grateful for The Thompson Tee – it is giving me more confidence.  I think I need about 5 more now!

Thompson Tee


Thompson Tee


Because of the armpit shields and the thinness of material, I wouldn’t wear this shirt on its own, but it’s cut so nicely that it layers under shirts so you don’t even see it.  It’s also very comfortable.

This is definitely one of the best products I’ve ever tried, as it fills a definitely need for many people, myself included.  Way to go, Thompson Tee!  You will have me as a customer for life because I cannot live without these now!