Easy Purse Refashion:Transform Your Purse in Minutes


I recently purchased this bag from Amazon with some Swagbucks I had accumulated.

What I didn’t notice from the pictures, however, was that the hardware on the bag was brass.  I liked it and was okay with it, even though I thought it was going to be silver.  But then I decided to change it to silver, and I like it even more now.  No, I didn’t have to out and buy new hardware (not even sure they sell stuff like that), I just had to pick out my favorite silver nail polish (Zoya Trixie) and easy, peasy, 15 minutes later it was transformed!  Check out this easy purse refashion:

Step 1:  Gather your supplies.

This would include your bag, the nail polish you want, and a well ventilated area to do your nail polishing, er, bag polishing.

Step 2:  Tape around the studs and hardware.

This is completely optional (I didn’t do this) but if you’re worried that you won’t paint neat enough, you could tape around the studs/rivets or other hardware on your item.

Step 3:  Go ahead and paint!

Only one coat was necessary for mine.  It took about 15 minutes to paint the 28 studs and 4 hardware pieces on my bag.  Let it dry and come back to a transformed bag!  This would be a great thing to do with say a bag you love from Goodwill or Salvation Army but it’s in a metal you don’t like, and this can be done on things other than just handbags.  Use your imagination.

easy purse refashion

And there you have a super easy purse refashion that anyone can do and it can really transform the whole look by such a simple change.

I’d love to hear if you do this on a bag you own or maybe some other accessory!

Refashioning – Super easy!


I wanted to share how to transform your shoes.  Not only is this fun and easy, but it can also save you money.  After you get your supplies, instead of buying new shoes, just change shoes that you might currently own but are not wearing because of the color!  (assuming they fit great and you like the style)…a little thing like color can easily be changed!  I did not think up this idea, but heard about it from Michelle.  So I got my supplies:

I got my paints from turtlefeathers.com and dharmtrading.com

So the first step is to rub your shoes (assuming they are leather) with acetone – just use a napkin and rub away.  It takes a bit of the finish off so the paint sticks better, so don’t be alarmed if you see a little bit of black on your napkin.

Now you’re ready to paint!  Be creative and paint whatever color/s YOU like!  I was going to do it all grey, but thought it might be nice to highlight some of the details on the shoe by using 2 colors.  So there’s no special way to paint – just use a fan brush if you can find one – because it makes it so easy and you’re not left with any paint brush lines or anything.  Oh, I also should have mentioned that I used a smaller brush (not a fan brush) for doing the white.   I was prepared to have to do quite a few coats, but the grey is only ONE coat!  And you don’t have to glob it on or anything either..just a normal light coat.  The white I did have to do 2-3 coats to get it where I liked it.

It also dries extremly fast!  We’re talking basically minutes.  I wouln’t paint them and then wear them 30 minutes later or anything, but I am very impressed that there’s no tackiness or anything like that.  Also, it still retains the look of the leather, so it doesn’t make my nice shoes (that I got on ebay…haha) look cheap or plastic.  I also painted the laces, which made them a bit stiff, but I just wanted to try it out.  The laces aren’t perfect, but it’s good enough for me.

After the first (and only) coat of grey and not sure if this was after 1 or 2 coats of the pearl.

I didn’t have the other shoe done when I took these pictures, but here’s the before and afters:

I’ve got all kinds of ideas of what I can paint… a pair of Nike sneakers I have that are all gray/white and could use a pop of color (lilac? blue?)  You can also get really bright neon colors and really metallic colors too, so whatever you can dream up, you can probably do!  Now instead of having to focus on what color the shoes are, I can focus purely on style and comfort, since it’s a breeze to change up the color to my own liking.

Did this spark any ideas?  Would love if you’d share!

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