Enjoy Life Chocolate Chip Scones


Enjoy Life Foods (which I’ve blogged about before), sent me one of their newest items to try out – their dark chocolate chip morsels. Life all their products, these are allergy friendly and free of the eight most common allergens. This was before I was really trying hard to avoid all sugar (even evaporated cane juice that these contain), so when I got them, you can imagine I did what any sane person would do… I opened the bag and ate a handful of course!  Because they are dark, they’re not super sweet, which is great for someone like me who is trying to watch the sugar content. (they are very low in sugar, so I wouldn’t personally feel bad having some here and there)

But I wanted to actually make something with them and not just eat them plain (as tempting as it was!).  So I found this recipe for chocolate chip scones and got in the kitchen to bake these beauties.


They turned out really great – not overly sweet, but sweet enough (I ate mine with Dandy Blend – a coffee substitute). Because of the coconut flour, they are very filling! I will probably be tinkering with the recipe to eliminate the honey and maybe adding blueberries or something instead of the chocolate chips, maybe adding lemon or poppy seeds…

Om Nom Nom


Om nom nom…Did the title make you hungry?  Oh, hungry for cookies you say?  For vegan (and some gluten free) cookies?  Well, how appropriate! 😉

Om Nom Nom Cookies is a vegan cookie company that is dedicated to bringing you awesome cookies and “promoting an ethically conscious lifestyle and culture”.  They look like a fun bunch of people who are creative, artistic, and desire to mix work and play.

They recently sent me some of their cookies to get my honest feedback on –

Om Nom Nom

Flavors: Orange-Zested Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Snickerdoodle,  Spicy Mexican Snickerdoodle, Ultimate Peanut Butter, and Chocolate Chip.

First Impression:  They are HUGE and the packaging is super cute!

Final Impression: I liked these.  The Spicy Mexican Snickerdoodle and the Chocolate Snickerdoodle were on the dry side (not bad dry, just like you’d want a glass of milk with it dry).  The peanut butter was probably my least favorite, but that is just because pb cookies in general don’t make my top 5 list of cookies – but if you love pb cookies, I have no doubt you would love these.  Their signature Orange-Zested Chocolate Chip was my standout favorite! It’s super soft, chewy, and super flavorful! They are packaged so sweetly, and with a name like Om Nom Nom, who can resist?!

You can purchase these cookies from VeganCuts

Go show Om Nom Nom some <3  Check out their Facebook page and their Twitter page


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