Do You Brush Your Teeth Enough…

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I will shamefully confess that one of my healthy ambitions this year is to be more diligent about my dental hygiene.  There. I said it.  How pathetic, right?  But truly, I haven’t been always so diligent.  Working from home is one reasons I blame for my sometimes lack of dental diligence.  But really, I’m pretty sure pure laziness and habit play a bigger role.  I *know* flossing is important, but do I floss on a regular basis?  Um, yeah, no.  I *know* brushing teeth at least twice a day is very important, but do I always do so?  Um… well, I think you get the picture.  Oh, and if you want to be encouraged to do a better job of it – just do some researching on the areas of health – besides the actual mouth – that are or could be hurt by having subpar brushing/flossing habits.

So when Toilet Tree asked if I would like to do a review on something in their line, my eye went to their sonic toothbrushes and this thing I had never heard of, and frankly, sounded a bit like something that would be most unpleasant – an oral irrigator, and I noticed they had a combo unit.  I am proud to say I have *diligently* been brushing and …irrigating? (lol, that doesn’t sound right.. but it’s like flossing, so I’ll just say flossing from here on out, k?) for about a month or a little bit more.  My teeth feel very clean, whiter, and my gums have even been less puffy and red and more a pink like they should be.  I have used an electric toothbrush before, so that wasn’t much to get used to.  I like the features this has – with the 3 speeds it is very customizable.  But the irrigator – that thing honestly kind of scared me, haha.  It shoots water at you through this very small nozzle at a surprising pressure/speed.  I’m still working on not getting water misted up on the mirror, but it is now quite fun to use!  I started using it on the least pressure setting (soft)  and tried the normal setting the one day and my gums bled, so I knew it was working!  I continued to use the soft pressure setting for about 1-2 weeks because I didn’t want to make my gums sore.  But now I like to go back and forth between the soft setting and the pulse setting.  The actual unit is sleek and quite nice looking.  It’s easy to hold and operate, and it’s all together, which is nice.

What is one area you are putting more effort into this year?  It’s the end of February, I know, but everyone always starts out strong early January, (and then often falls away from their plans) so I think a month or so in it’s a good reminder – if you’ve fallen off the path of any of your healthy habits, now is just as good a time as any to get back on the path!

Have you ever used an oral irrigator before?

12 Days of Christmas Giveaways: Plexus


Continuing our 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways….

Giveaway #3 (there will probably be a total of 7, so stick around because there are lots of realllly great goodies still to come)

You’ve read about my favorite product of the year, and so how fitting that it should be today’s giveaway, right?

I know, I know, I *know* this sounds are corny as corn chowder, but it is true that these products have changed my life!

So I’ll let you go read that post where I gushed about Plexus above but I’ll also share a bit of info on this post.

But first off, I get this all…the…time – people who are healthy minded and somehow think Plexus doesn’t line up with their view of health.  A Plexus sister of mine said it so eloquently so I am sharing her words here:

“If you came to my house right now, you would see that we use coconut oil for everything, we use natural laundry detergent, my kids take fermented cod liver oil, we don’t do food dyes or artificial sweeteners and we are huge kombucha drinkers.
I am painting a picture for you of the way we view our bodies and what we put into them. Why does this matter?? We are a Plexus family and their products line up with our family’s decisions about health. Plexus Slim is a natural product for the masses that doesn’t artificially make you feel good from caffeine and stimulants. It is sweetened with stevia and is gluten and GMO free.
Do I wish we could get all of our nutrients from food? Sure!!!!! But the reality is that we need supplements to fill in the missing spaces of our diet. Sometimes diet and exercise aren’t enough. I do not advocate quick fixes or diets…I advocate minds changed, resetting the body and balancing blood sugar. This is my 22nd month using Plexus products and my body has never been healthier.”

Plexus addresses 3 really keys to our health, that I feel everyone should be aware of and do whatever they can to improve these areas – Gut health, Inflammation, and Blood sugar balance.  So so key to so so many issues we face as individuals, families, and as a nation as a whole in our health story.  People ask me – or usually tell me, haha- that they don’t need to lose weight, and therefore, Plexus isn’t right for them. I have to kindly let them know that the Slim (the Plexus product Plexus is most known for) is all about balancing.  If a person is at a good healthy weight, it won’t make them lose weight.  It works at balancing the blood sugar, which in turn helps the body function so much better, and when the body functions so much better, then weight is just naturally stabilized to a healthy range.  And speaking of weight since I’m talking about that now, haha, some people lose weight very fast and virtually effortlessly (my dad for instance…he’s lost over 25 pounds without really trying since he started the TriPlex (Slim, Biocleanse, and Probio5).  He didn’t eat horribly before, he actually ate pretty healthy because he was one of those people that isn’t real picky and will eat whatever’s in front of him, and my mom has always cooked healthily.  But he noticed a very quick difference in that he actually desired salads and squash and cabbage – where before he would just eat whatever, now he looked forward to eating healthy foods).  But for others, it isn’t quite as fast or dramatic.  For myself, for instance, I feel I have been healing so very much in my body, and I can’t wait for the weight component of it to kick in more, and I also have to do my part with eating good and exercising and not use Plexus as an excuse for poor decisions. I know apparently others areas of my health have taken precedence, and I am just sooo thrilled with that and actually have such a great outlook and hope for what will come!  If someone were to ask me “What should I take?”, my hands-down answer would be the TriPlex combo.  And if you’re dealing with chronic/acute pain, also add in Ease.

With their 60-day money-back guarantee, it is the perfect Christmas gift to give yourself or to someone you love – it is truly a gift that gives back.  Or if you are wanting to save the most plus share with your loved ones and make it your business, this is the easiest and most generous company I have ever been with (I haven’t been with that many, but I was with one other direct sales company, and while I loved their products and the company, it wasn’t as easy or as generous as Plexus).  It literally costs you only $34.95 to join as an Ambassador – you have no monthly website fees, but you get your own website for people to order from.  You don’t have any monthly minimums or quotas you have to make in order to still get the discounted rate.  You have no product you have to stock.  And you have an amazing team that is growing like crazy and has some of the most kind generous and authentic ladies and gents in the world on it (okay, so I may be slightly biased, but I was blown away with all the help and kindness).


Okay, I thought this wasn’t going to be very long…… woops!  🙂

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My Favoritest Thing


I am working on a list of things that I have particularly enjoyed this year – – – some are things that I have enjoyed for several years and still “makes the cut” and some are new things from just this year.  So I’m working on the list, but in the meantime, this special is happening right now and only through tomorrow, so I wanted to go ahead and post this, which is also my favoritest (no, that’s not a word, but I don’t care 😉 ).

If you’ve followed my blog for a while, you may know some of the struggles I’ve had with my health, namely my back problems/pain.  Plexus makes no claims to cure or prevent any disease, but I can say that my pain has been astonishingly diminished.  As a reference, when asked (on a great day) by my chiropractor what my pain level from my degenerative disc disease was, I would usually say maybe a 5-6/10, and when it would flare up super bad a 10/10.  Those were the times I would go to his office sometimes 3 times per week for a week or two (that’s not cheap!), then maybe 2 times a week for another week or two, just to get me back to my baseline.  I was always doing the benefit/pain cost scale in my head if someone asked me to do something, go somewhere, or anything that involved any unknowns because what if the seating wasn’t comfortable for me?  What if my back got bad and I couldn’t do whatever it was?  Or even what if I think I can do whatever or go wherever, but I know that then I won’t be able to go or do something else that I want to do or go the next few days?  It was a constant line running through my head.  So, of course, that leads to feelings of guilt for having to say no to things and feelings of sadness.  The worst was when I would have a month or two or even three of being at my baseline (which I had grown to consider “normal”), and then overdo it and be in excruciating pain again – that despair – I know if you suffer from acute and chronic pain you understand.  You just want to cry, and often do, and you want to scream “No! This isn’t fair! I’ve had enough of this already!”  You probably also try not to gush all these things to others, because you don’t want to be a complainer because nobody likes constantly being around someone who is down, and you don’t want to be down, so you try to smile.

When I found Plexus, I was so down and so hopeless, but I did still have just a slight glimmer of hope, though I highly doubted it would help me, as I had tried SO many things (many of which are great and did help to an extent, but never helped enough).  I was really doing it more for the weight loss part of it.  Well, I went to the chiropractor due to the pain (another flare up episode) a few weeks after I started the products (I take the TriPlex and Ease caps).  That was on April 10th, 2015.  Since that time, I have only gone back to him twice… just twice!! (And one of those times was just because I thought I should, not because of pain).  Now, if my back does bother me (it occasionally does), it might be a 6/10 on those rare occasions and I just up the products a tad and usually within a day or two, I am back to baseline, which now is probably a 1-2/10 (almost nonexistent!).  I really could not be more thrilled, and I thank God for Plexus all the time!  It has also helped with a few other health issues I’ve had (allergies gone! headaches gone! skin condition getting better!), and I’m still hopeful and confident it will continue to work and allow my body to heal from a few more things.


Some people wonder how the products seem to work for so many different people with such a variety of problems.  I feel, as a society, we are so used to treating symptoms – we take a medication for this condition, and for that condition, and then we take another for the condition brought on by taking the medication for that condition, and we are not looking at the body as a whole – as connected.  If you are curious, just Google whatever issue you are having with the words gut health (so ____ (your issue) and gut health), or try it with your issue and inflammation, or (your issue and blood sugar).  It is amazing how many things come back to the root issue of gut health, inflammation, and blood sugar balance!  These are the 3 things that Plexus products address, so to me it’s no wonder they are helping so many people.  It gives me the greatest joy to hear from people who have been helped!

Some people will hear about Plexus and think it’s dumb or that it’s somehow not needed or maybe that they’re taking 124,847 supplements that are higher quality (they think), or the opposite think they get everything they need from eating clean (and there is nothing wrong with that thinking – I was sooo there before, and still advocate eating clean and green; but Plexus is GMO-free, plant-based, and it’s not synthetic, and, as we all know, you can’t eat perfectly every single meal of every single day, and even if you can, sometimes you need extra help).  But I think of it as if your neighbor’s house is on fire – you, being a friendly neighbor and having put out your own fire earlier, run up to the house and tell them it’s on fire.  They might not believe you or maybe they think, “Oh, brother”.  If you can’t convince them, then you don’t just go on home – you go to the neighbor beside them and warn them their house may be on fire soon.  There are so many people that need the help that Plexus gives, and the right ones will listen!

I could talk for a long time, but this post is already getting a bit lengthy, but one of the other great things I love about Plexus is their 60-day money-back guarantee.  That was a real biggie for me when I first ordered – I was kind of actually expecting to have to use it (though hoping not to).

So on this #GivingTuesday, Plexus is giving us a coupon code for 10% off ANY order of ANY size – can be as a customer (Retail/Preferred) or as an Ambassador – even on the Welcome Packs, which are already below wholesale cost.



This deal ends Wednesday at 3 p.m. EST!

Here is a “Cliff Notes” version/description of Plexus products:

SLIM –“The Pink Drink” is a little powder packet that you mix into one bottle of water once per day. It contains a unique blend of plant based ingredients that help maintain healthy blood sugar, cholesterol and lipid levels, reduce cravings and I’ve noticed it increases my energy without stimulants. Slim also burns fat, not muscle!

PROBIO5- this is our probiotic with 5 varied strands of good bacteria. It helps restore proper intestinal balance and helps level out the yeast/bacteria balance in your system. ProBio5 also has THREE added digestive enzymes and a fungal killer specifically targeted to help your body break down food and fight the bad yeast and fungal overgrowth.

BIOCLEANSE- our magnesium based gentle daily colon and GI cleanser; oxygenates and energizes your body while detoxifying and cleansing wastes, pathogens and plaque in the body. It is very gentle and helps keep your body rid of toxins on a daily basis.

X-FACTOR- This is our daily multi-vitamin. It is unique in that it contains a patented aloe blend that helps increase absorption of nutrients by up to 400%. It also contains Methylfolate so those with the MTHFR gene mutation can take it.

EDGE- provides a clean, natural extra boost of energy without all the harsh side-effects of typical energy drinks/patches/shots etc. Most energy drinks contain synthetic caffeine that causes quick spikes, followed by sudden crashes and can also cause jitters, nausea, anxiousness and more. Edge contains natural caffeine from Green Coffee Beans along with L-Theanine & Theacrine that block the negative effects of caffeine so you can feel alert, focused & energized, yet you remain calm and happy all day!

ACCELERATOR+ or BOOST- when used with Slim, speeds up fat loss, boosts metabolism, helps control appetite and increases energy. Accelerator is the milder version of the two. Boost is stronger and is a thermogenic. Skip if you have BP issues.

BLOCK-fast acting formula that also helps boost appetite control, helps control glucose levels & increases fat loss by absorbing up to 48% of the excess carbs and sugars we intake on a daily basis.

MEGAX- is the ONLY completely plant-based total omega product on the market. Containing Omega 3,6,9 + 5&7, this product is incredible for brain health, heart health, skin related issues and so much more.

We also have amazing GRASS-FED WHEY PROTEIN shakes, EASE pain relief cream and capsules, a NERVE pain relief product, a BREAST EXAMINATION KIT, an amazing BODY CREAM and children’s CHEWABLE MULTI!

If you have any questions, I would love to offer my help.  Helping others brings me joy, and I am so thankful for how my health has improved, and if even one of you is helped as well, that will just make my day!  🙂

Have a great day!

Coming up posts: A few reviews, some books, and my favorite things post.

Edit:  Oh! I almost forgot! Since Sept., I’ve been planning and working on a room renovation.  It is finally completed, and I’m so happy with it!  So I’ll be sharing a room tour post next! 🙂




Do you Black Friday?

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Are you a get-up-before-dawn Black Friday shopper?  I’ll admit I am not.  A few years ago, though, I experienced the madness, the craziness, and the adrenaline of others who have lost their sanity in hopes of a great deal.  I went with a few friends.  We left around 2 o’clock in the morning if memory serves me, and I was dumbfounded that people really do get up at that hour to shop!  Anyways, the time spent with my friends was enjoyable, although I can’t say I’d jump to do it again.  Black Friday shopping is fun, but it really does bring out the worst in some people…that is the part I hated.  But we had fun and had the right attitude, and that made it a little easier to endure the grumblers, the nudgers, and the I-will-run-over-you-if-you-get-in-my-way people.  🙂

So if you want to escape the long lines and want to do some online shopping, I have a few specials/deals to share:

Before doing any online shopping, I *always* check to see if the store is on Ebates.  It’s super easy, free, and who doesn’t want some cash back that can be combined with any other coupons or deals you find?  Yes, please!  [Right now, Old Navy is 10% back, JCPenny 10%, Macys 10%, Kohls 8%, and a bunch more].

Next are a few particular deals:

Plexus is having free shipping + 10% off all orders (customer and welcome packs!!) through Sunday night!  This is really a huge sale, and of course they still have their 60-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.  If I had to pick one thing that has most changed my life in the past year, it would, without any hesitation, be Plexus.  I have never been this pain free since prior to my back injury or whatever happened to make it hurt so horribly, over 8 years ago.  Other things have taken some of the edge off the pain or worked temporarily, but it’s been 7 and a half months of at least 80% pain free days, and I haven’t even felt the need to go to the chiropractor (I do believe in chiropractors and should probably go in just to make sure everything is in alignment, but prior to Plexus, I HAD to go anywhere from once a month up to 3 times a week, and that was just to be in that not feeling normal, but at least I can function zone.  It’s helping with other areas of my health as well – I’m slowly but surely losing inches, fitting into clothes I couldn’t for quite a long time.  I only had 1 day this whole spring and summer (I don’t usually have fall allergies, but have spring/summer allergies) that I noticed my allergies acting up,… just 1 day!!  And my digestion is as good as it’s ever been.  I could go on and on, but I’ll stop for now.  🙂  (Oh, and I didn’t start out with Plexus for the business side of it – I purely was hoping the products would work for me.  They have, and I’m now also really loving that all of my products are now completely paid for each month, and I get to help others improve their health and also make some side money or life-changing money from it).


100% Pure is having a couple specials I want to share as well: $30 off first-time purchase of $60 or more.  This ends Dec.11, and is a pretty awesome deal!  Their body cream is super luxurious (and smells wonderful), and with this deal, you can get them for around $8 each!  Free shipping and free returns as well!  I also love their makeup palettes. They are also having Black Friday Mystery bags – one for nails, makeup, and hair/body, each at 40%-60% off!


Next up are two exercise/fitness deals:

Oxycise – all their DVDs are 35% off, and all their downloads are 50% off!  This has remained at the top of my exercise list for many years and is something I always go back to no matter what other programs I try out.

Bellicon – They are having a great sale right now on all their models (I personally have, and love, the 44″ model).  I love that the legs can fold and so it can be stored out of the way if needed (though it’s also really fun looking, so you’ll probably keep it out as much as possible).  Also, right now, they are giving Bellicon owners a free year of their online be360 program – I just checked it out this morning, and it looks really great.


I’ll be back to share some more of my favorites for Cyber Monday!

*Some links may be affiliate links; this simply means I make a small percentage if an order is placed.  Your price is still the same, and this simply helps me run this blog.

Are you an in-store black Friday shopper, online, or could care less?



Short Weekly Goals

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Woops, how does a week+ go by so stinkin’ fast?  Well, I don’t have much time to write today, but just wanted to quickly jot down a recap of last weeks’ goals and write out this weeks’ goals (even though it’s Tuesday…better late than never, right?)

To recap, this was what I wrote last Sunday for my goals for the week and what I *actually* did in the purple:


Eat as clean as possible; keep a close eye on sugars and hidden sugars; eat plenty of vegetables

I need to do better about writing down what I eat on paper.  A few friends of mine on FB actually hold each other accountable for our daily eats so I type them up, but I need to write it down so I can see it in front of me.  Overall, not bad, not incredibly great.  I did eat more veggies, though.


Take my Plexus products each day; drink a min. of 85 oz of water each day

I took my supplements each day, but I missed on my water a few days – also need to write this down in a planner so I see it all in one spot.

Exercise/Healthy Movement:

Do Oxycise x7; Ballet Beautiful arms x2, Ballet Beautiful legs x2; T-Tapp x3; Cellerciser/Bellicon 5 min x6

I feel I did good on the exercise front, not quite doing exactly what I set out to (did Oxycise x3 instead of x7, Bellicon x3 instead of x6, no T-Tapp, but Ballet Beautiful arms x5 instead of x2, Ballet Beautiful legs x2, and Classical Stretch x1).

M: Oxycise, Bellicon

T: Oxycise, Bellicon, Ballet Beautiful arms

W: Classical Stretch

Th: Bellicon, Ballet Beautiful arms, Ballet Beautiful legs

F: Ballet Beautiful arms

S: Ballet Beautiful arms

Su: Oxycise, Ballet Beautiful arms, Ballet Beautiful legs

Goals for This Week:


Continue to focus on veggies and not having sugar


I ran out of my Plexus Slim, so I will have a few days without it, but otherwise, keep taking my supplements and at least 85 oz of water a day.


Oxycise x7, Ballet Beautiful arms/legs or combination x4, Cellercise/Bellicon x3, and I also want to get out my chi machine and hot house and relax each evening for a few minutes doing them.

I know this is a boring post – my week was busy last week, and I’m swamped with work right now.  Having a yard sale on Saturday, so will be getting ready for that this week.

Have any plans for this week or weekend?

How did you do on your own weekly goals from this past week?