Redecorating – Lauren Conrad for Kohls


I adore the Lauren Conrad line at Kohls….just something about the chiffon and delicate floral prints, the pastels, the watercolors, just it’s all so me.  By the way, this is not a sponsored post or anything –  I just really like her line!  I have a few of her clothing pieces and love them, so when I was looking at redecorating a bedroom and bathroom, I decided to see what she had.  Lucky for me, it just happened that when I checked, they were on an incredible sale, so I was able to save some money in the process (who doesn’t like to save money?!)

Lauren Conrad *Clicking on the picture will take you to all the “bouquet” options Kohl’s sells.  Use THIS ebates link to save even more.

The “Bouquet” print is so beautiful!  You may remember my gray ruffle shower curtain – well, now it’s a beautiful bouquet print shower curtain.  I think it really springified the space.  The gray was calm and blended in well with the tile and the overall look, but it was a little boring.

DSC07062           DSC07066

Same thing for the bedroom – it used to have a dark purple/light purple reversible comforter on it that was nice looking, but a bit blah after being on for many years.

DSC07068 DSC07069 DSC07070 DSC07073(Isn’t the reverse print super adorable?)

On this whole pastel spring kick, thought I’d share a beautiful Nataya dress I recently purchased.  This designer is super romantic and feminine, though rather expensive.  But it was on Zulily not too long ago at a fraction of the retail price, and I’m so glad I snatched it up!!



Weekend wrapup – with a Joe Browns Fall wrap!



I told you a little bit ago that I would have an item from the Joe Browns Fall line to review, and here it is:  The Sensational Chiffon Trim Top.  It has all those details that Joe Browns is known for – love the variety of antique-looking buttons, the soft fabric, the chiffon trim, the pretty softened navy color, the chiffon ruching at the neckline and the sleeves.  It is quite a bit longer on me than on the model of course, but I still love it.  The fit is also nice, fitted, but still comfortable (I got a size UK10/US6 for reference).  If I were to try to find a negative, it would just be that it is a little bit delicate – the buttons specifically you’ll just have to be careful with.  But this is just so pretty, I plan to hand wash it and be gentle with the buttons.  All the positives waaaay out number just that one minor negative.

joe browns






Details: grey t-shirt- LOFT; topper – c/o Joe Browns; jeans – Eddie Bauer via 10dollarmall; boots Beartrap Sheridan.  {I got these boots last year, and love them – I have thick calves and most boots don’t zip up quite, but these are wider calves and so they work.  They aren’t leather or anything, and they’re starting to really show wear, so not sure how long they will still last, but while they do I love them.

Here’s an idea of an outfit using more of Joe Browns Fall line – I love blue/gray/purple combination!


This is just an aside, but I am no photographer… sometimes, when browsing blogs, especially ones that are fashion oriented, it can start to make you feel like you *need* to take outdoor professional photos.  Well, first of all, I love fashion and do quite a bit of fashion-themed posts, but that’s not all my blog is about.  Second, and most importantly, I just don’t have the ….everything you’d need to take professional-quality photos – my neighbors would think I’m nutso if I started taking photos in the yard, and I don’t have a photographer, so most of my photos are either selfies or on self-timer.  I figure this is just real life, ya know?  Usually, the best place in my house is in the bathroom – it gets good natural light, and so my grey shower curtain background will have to do as my “set”.  So never feel less than if what you do doesn’t seem to measure up to what others do…. we are all unique.  If everyone always did the exact same thing, what’s so special about that?  Just be yourself and have fun with it!

Since it’s officially fall now, scarves are making a big comeback (Truthfully, I wear scarves all year round basically, but fall is when you get to pull out the chunkier thicker warmer scarves.).  I had a few scarves that have hung on my scarf rack, lonely and longing to be worn, but they just seemed too bulky and overwhelming on me, and so they just hung unworn.  I don’t have a sewing machine, so I put off trying to do anything about it…until yesterday morning, when I decided to have at it with a pair of scissors.  I’m going to get some no fray seam glue, but it’s really not fraying much – I cut 3 in half the long wise, and now have 3 great scarves to wear again! (I can’t even draw a straight line, much less cut one, so I was really worried I would ruin them, but when you have it on, you don’t notice any slight crookedness). It’s amazing that just by reducing some of the bulk by cutting them in half really made me love the look of them so much more!   Soooo…take away?  If you have unworn scarves that you like, but for some reason just keep passing by, consider cutting them in half to see if the proportion of the scarf fits better!



And finally, in random weekend wrapup news, I’ve begun doing Bar Method again – specifically the legwork section from the Advanced Dancers Body DVD.  It is so hard and so great at the same time.  I’m going to be doing it every day to every-other day through November… or that’s the plan at least.  It’s pretty short, so I think I’ll be good at keeping it up.  Also doing Oxycise at least once a day (really trying for 2-3 times a day, though) as well.

– Anything fun planned this weekend?

-What item from the Joe Browns Fall line would you most love to wear?

-Do you enjoy wearing scarves, and have you ever had to alter them?

-And finally, what exercise program are you currently working on?

*As part of being a fashion blogger for Joe Browns, I was sent product in exchange for my honest review.

Weekly Menu Planning

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I’ve been working on a menu and decided to share it with you all.  If things like this interest you…if not, oh well, haha 🙂  I have been following Trim Healthy Mama since January and loving it!  The freedom from food bondage is incredible.  Never realized how much of an issue I had, and how this is really helping to heal some of that.  Of course, I’m still a work in progress, and I know those tendencies I have creep back in every once in a while, but I just have more joy about food in general now, and that’s a good thing for sure!

On my weight loss progress, I started this journey at 181 pounds and have been plateauing at around the 168-171 range for a few months now.  I’m crazy happy about the pounds I’ve lost, but I’m nowhere near my goal yet.  So this past week I did what’s called a Fuel Cycle (technically it’s 2 weeks long, but I just did 1 week).  It is supposed to rev things back up if you find yourself stalling after a few months on the plan.  So basically, the first 3 days, you eat lots of Deep S meals (focus on the pure fats – coconut oil, butter, olive oil, salmon, eggs, non-starchy veggies, and keep your carbs to under 10 g each meal).  I thought this would be hard, but it was surprisingly not – I ate meals like baked salmon with lemon juice and coconut oil, mushrooms sauteed in butter, and asparagus; I had desserts like lemon curd and skinny chocolate.  Then the next 2 days, I ate FP (Fuel Pull) days, which basically means keeping the fat count to 5 or less and the carb count to 10 or less at each meal.  This is probably the hardest days of the week just because I had to eat a lot more little meals throughout the day to keep my energy up. But the actual food was still tasty!  Then the last 2 days, you eat only E meals (Energizing) and keep the fat count to 5 or less per meal.  So these meals looked like sweet potato black bean chili; overnight oatmeal with berries; Apple Cinnamon (a cut up apple mixed with a little stevia, cinnamon, and Greek yogurt); chicken, sweet potato, and sugar snaps; and 37 calorie brownies.   I lost about 4 pounds the first 3 days, then stayed the same the next 2 days, and then gained 1 pound the remaining 2 days.  So I’ve been holding at 164.4 the last 2 days.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to keep losing.  But I’m trying to focus more on just enjoying the food and getting plenty of water and exercise also.  I think the weight will just gradually come off.

So, anyway, here is my meal plan I just wrote up…I’m sure it’ll be tweaked along the way.   Oh, and I *can’t wait* to share a new skinny chocolate recipe I came up with/tinkered with last night!  It’s got HUGE promise/potential!! 🙂  (hope it’s readable – click to see larger… oh, and yes, I do eat at strange times, haha, if you caught that..6am/9am/12noon/3pm/6or7pm)


I love that the weather is starting to get a bit chillier and that I can wear cardigans, sweatshirts, and boots again!  One of my favorite clothing lines is the Lauren Conrad line from Kohls.  I had seen this dress online, but it was more than I wanted to spend, plus some of the reviews weren’t very favorable in the way it fit.  Then, it just so happened that an online friend of mine had this dress and was selling it!  So I bought it from her and crossed my fingers the size she had would fit.  Well, it’s now one of my favorite dresses, and I think the colors work great as a dress to bridge the summer/fall season.

First worn with an off-white cardigan, which I think is okay, but when I later found a dusty orange cardigan, I liked that much better (the off-white cardigan is from Old Navy)  I find it so fun to see what works and how just changing the color of the cardigan pulled the outfit together more.




DSC06268Details: Dress – Lauren Conrad; Peaches ‘n Cream Soft-T from DYT; Cardigan thrifted (Ann Taylor); earrings DYT; necklaces Zulily; floral hair clips Forever21.


Hope you’re all having a great week!  Come back tomorrow because I’ll be having a giveaway (For what?  You’ll have to come back to see! 😉 )

Fashion Friday: Trends to Skip


Obviously, everyone has their own tastes and what works for them.  I love shopping at Zulily, and besides seeing when they have great deals on things I like, I’ve been able to really see what styles and trends that I am totally fine with just letting roll on by.  Maybe you like or can pull off these trends.  I cringe and raise an eyebrow when I see these trends, so I know they are definitely not for me!   But… thinking I should try to expand my fashion horizons, I’ve decided to also post a version of the trend that I would be more willing to embrace or try.  So, without further discussion, here are 5 Trends to Skip when shopping this Fall:

1.  The harem pant.  I’m honestly not sure who likes these pants… or who looks good in them for that matter… all I can think of when I see these are 1) dressing up like a baby with a sagging diaper, or 2) you actually want to make your hip/butt/gut appear larger.  Neither of those options are very appealing to me, so I’ll stay far far away from this trend!


Anabelle harem pants

A better option:  Oh, this is hard for me to even imagine, lol…. but at least this option is less saggy diaper looking


Carla Venturi wool-blend harem pants

2.  Tribal print.  It’s just not my thing. I’ve seen many fashion bloggers who look great in tribal print.


Brandon & Ashley tribal chevron top

A better option:  A bit more blended


Young Threads tribal blouson dress


Fuchsia and Mint tribal dress

3.  Leopard print.  Again, many people can pull off the leopard print trend with flying colors.  I look like I’m trying to get into character for The Jungle Book or something.


Quiz leopard pearl yoke dress

A better option:  Think accessories or small details


Matisse beige leopard royce leather ballet flats




Style 101 by Ganz charcoal leopard lace scoop neck top

4.  Skinny jean.  I know this is a huge trend, and it is a fine trend…on the right body shapes.  I’ve heard it said that “everyone can wear skinny jeans”.  No, I beg to differ.  Yes, everyone *can*, but not everyone will look good in them.  And I’m not saying you have to be skinny to wear skinny jeans (hate that idea), but someone’s basic body shape does come into play.  For instance, I am on the short side with a pear-shaped bottom-heavy body type.  Maybe as I continue to lose more weight and shape up my body, I perhaps will find out I’ve changed my mind, but I’m not seeing it changing anytime soon. Skinny jeans taper in at the ankle, therefore, they will draw attention to your thighs/hips.  I think if you are taller and still pear shaped, *maybe* you’ll find you can make this work with the right top and shoes/boots.


Henry & Belle side stripe skinny jeans

A better option:


Henry & Belle micro flare jeans

5.  Oversized.  It seems this is a big trend too – super loose, slouchy, dropped sleeves.  Again, on some body frames, this may work.  On my narrower upper body and shorter height, oversized can very quickly go from super comfy to super unflattering.   Many people think going bigger will best mask their extra weight, but in doing so, they actually often add pounds.  Obviously, I’m not saying buy skin-tight clothing, but there should be a balance of fitted vs. too loose.


Covet line-blend cardigan

A better option:  Something that drapes and has just a bit of structure without being overwhelming



Magic Fit draped cardigan

5a.  (Perhaps this could be its own point, but I didn’t want to mess up the “5 Trends” theme and couldn’t think of 5 more to make it 10, so just go with it) Palazzo Pant.  Okay, these look extremely extremely comfortable!  I am allllll about comfy clothing!  The softer something feels, the better!  So, I would wear these around the house or for pajamas.  But I just feel these would completely overwhelm, add 20 pounds, and just be so unflattering.  Like every other trend up here, many people I’m sure will look amazing in them.  I just feel if you already have larger thighs, these may make your thighs look like they take up the whole of the pants even though they don’t.


Bellino plum palazzo pant

A better option: Look for one that is slightly less full through the thigh


Summer Skin light denim palazzo pant


Of course, all of this is just in fun and even a little bit silly.  You find what works for you, what you like, and go for it!  🙂

Joe Browns New Range

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Oh, hey, it’s me!  I have not fallen off the face of the earth, just took a little break from blogging over the last couple of weeks.  Blogging is awesome and lots of fun, but it really does take good time management and scheduling to not get behind, and then when you do get behind what you had planned to blog about, it can feel overwhelming to jump back in.  But here I am!  🙂

It’s no longer summer (well, technically it is), and the anticipation of Fall is very strong.  I love the changing of the seasons!  No matter what season, that anticipation of something new, of a difference in scenery, always entices me.

And speaking of changing of seasons, when you go out shopping, you’ll now see long-sleeved tops, cardigans, and more warm-weathered offerings.  Joe Browns just recently launched their new range, with a focus on two different “personalities” if you will… or two different themes:  Shangri-La and Sovereignty.

Check out this little video to see some of the pieces in Joe Browns new line:

In the next week or so, I will be doing a review on one of their new fall items, so keep an eye out for that!

What else is in store?  You can be on the look out for some exercise reviews, beauty reviews/tutorials, food reviews, and book reviews!