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For the past several months, I’ve been working on creating a little nook – a little makeup/vanity table.  I looked at about a million images on Pinterest, searching for inspiration for my setup.  It was so interesting seeing so many different takes, seeing people’s personality shine through in something as simple as how they organize and store their get-ready-in-the-morning stuff!  I wanted my space to blend in a way into the room – the room is primarily gray with a bit of blue and brown, so I wanted it to be pretty neutral in color.  I knew I wanted to incorporate some weathered/farmhouse elements, but also some feminine/elegant touches.

A mirrored vanity table seemed the perfect thing…  Except …mirrored surface….makeup….  that just seemed like a bad combo!  Haha.  However, I’ve found that it is super easy to keep clean – yes, it does get makeup and powder on it, but because it’s mirorred, you can see it and it’s easy to wipe off.  The Pier 1 Hayworth collection mirrored table is gorgeous, but that price was definitely more than I wanted to spend.  I nervously purchased THIS table (hopefully, it comes back in stock soon).  Most of the reviews were promising, but I was worried about the quality.  Not having seen the Hayworth desk in person, I can’t compare them, but I was thrilled with my mirrored table.  It was easy to put together and just looks so classy!  I was also wondering about if my legs would fit (some people added risers), but at 5’3″, I find the height absolutely perfect to fit my legs under.  I already had the faux-leather tub chair, and while I can’t keep the chair under the desk because of the arms, it is comfortable and works just perfect for the space (the tub chair and 2 pillows were from Big Lots).

This makeup/desktop  weathered-finished wood organizer c/o Gianna’s Home fits in the style of the room so great!  I am currently using it to store my hair bands, Lilla Rose clips/U pins, and Lipsense colors in, but it will be so useful for so many things in the future I’m sure.

The clear organizers were from Amazon (there are a ton you’ll find), and I also really like how it organized my makeup and doesn’t take up too much space.

The mirror on the wall is from Walmart.

Overall, I am loving how this little area turned out – the mirrored table actually makes the space there seem a little bigger since it reflects light, and I love having my makeup displayed yet organized and not messy looking or all jumbled together.


  1. What a beautiful set up! My vanity isn’t nearly as nice.

  2. What an adorable little nook you’ve created! It’s very classy and elegant! Great job!! 🙂

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