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I’ve mentioned many times over the years that I have a bad back…  A bad back meaning for many years, I was basically bed-bound, floor-bound, and my back pain ruled my life.  I would have some good moments where I would feel almost like a normal human, but they were interspersed more often than not with the really bad pain.  I tried so many things to help.  My chiropractor (who I think is awesome, really like him!) became like my second home.  But I still didn’t feel normal…  It was still just managing the pain to a “livable’ level.  See, the hard part about chronic pain is that at times you can hide it (many times, you just can’t, and those were the times I’d stay home).  You smile, and people don’t realize just how much pain you are in.  Anyways, enter Plexus.  It was *the* thing that finally truly helped my pain.  After being on Plexus products (I started with the TriPlex Combo and then also added in the Ease caps) for several months, I was no longer living at, or even visiting, my chiropractor’s office.  It is the only thing that changed in my life, and so I have no question about it being the thing that worked.  So my back pain – instead of being a normal everyday 6-7/10 on the pain scale with flare ups (very often) of 10/10 pain, is on the whole now maybe a 1-2/10 in my every day normal with a few days here and there of maybe 7-8/10 pain.

While my pain level is very low these days, I do still get some back pain here and there.  That’s why I was excited to try Spand-Ice when I was contacted about trying it out for a review.  Anything that helps the back, that is good for pain, is something I love to try.  So what is Spand-Ice?  Well, it’s something I had years earlier wished was in existence – I would get ice packs or warm packs and try to hold them in place, which worked while sitting, but as soon as I’d stand up, I’d have to hold them in place and it was just awkward.  This is a tank, that also gives a bit of support as well as securely and comfortably holding the ice/warm packs.  It zips up and can be worn as a vest, or you can wear a top as an extra layer beyond that if you don’t want it to be the focal point.  I have worn mine several times, mostly as ice instead of heat, but the heat does feel nice.  I think it’s a great option if you are wanting something to help aid in annoying pain/irritation and also as just a tool for recovery and injury prevention.

It is comfortable (I got a size L, and I’m glad I did – it is snug, but I think you want it to fit fairly snugly, but I know a M would’ve been too small on me).  I would guess that I could wear a L or an XL, and that someone who buys the S could also wear a M.  Besides their Revive Tank, they also have wraps, as well as tanks for pregnancy!  And not to leave out the men, they also make the wraps and the tanks in men’s sizes as well.  And there are extenders if that’s needed.

Here is a video of the founder sharing how to wear the tank plus showing just how long it stays nice and hot/cold (and that you aren’t tied to your couch, but can get things done at the same time!)

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