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My apologies for the fairly silent second half of this summer…  Life got crazy crazy busy with some family things that came up, and the blog had to go on the back burner.  But I’m back, so expect a few catch-up posts and then a more consistent posting schedule.  Yay for the end of summer and start of fall.  How do you all feel about that?  I’m sure most of the moms are like, “Yessss!  School is starting!!” haha (unless it’s your first or your last, then you might have more of a mixed response).  Even though I’m not a mama, I still love that transition time from summer to fall.  And even though it’s not going to necessarily *feel* like fall for a little while yet, I still really appreciate the change in seasons.

Wingz review


One thing that is sometimes not fun, though, is that a common issue from summer to fall, fashion-wise, is how to transition between the two without looking like you’re still at the beach or like you are ready for fuzzy slippers and pumpkin pie.   I was recently sent this Wingz product to try out, specifically in the white lace 3/4 sleeve.  I think these would attract several people – those who prefer to cover their arms out of personal reasons (like they are self-conscious of their arms, or maybe for religious reasons), but also those who want to wear their summer dresses or sleeveless tops as the weather gets a tad cooler without having to layer a cardigan.  (I am a HUGE fan of cardigans… it might be a slight obsessions of mine, haha, but even I like the versatility).

Wingz review

The lace is soft and it was comfortable.  Sizing in my opinion is pretty generous, as it bunched up a bit on me (BUT I have short arms and my shoulders are on the narrow side), so I think if you’re debating between two sizes, go for the smaller one (I got the size 1 (us 10-14), but think I could’ve gotten the size 0 (us 4-8).  I think this white color would look so super pretty with a white dress, especially a white lace dress to give it that connected look and tie it together.  This was the only dress I had that had a good bit of white in it.  You could certainly wear it with any other color, just I personally didn’t like that look as much, as it really drew the attention to the arms, when my goal was to create a connected feel.  But that’s what’s great – they accommodate so many personal styles, and with all of the various options and fabrics and styles they offer, it really is a great option for expanding your seasonal wardrobe.

(Outfit details: lace under sleeve c/o Wingz; maxi floral dress on Zulily)

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