How I Saved and a Surprise

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Just like anyone else, I love to save money.  If something is on sale, I’m happy.  So when I started the room redo, I had my eyes open for “savings”.  I wish I were a great couponer.  I do use coupons, and I would say I’m great at online coupon/deal finding, but in stores I’m not as good yet.  But you always have to be working on improving something, right? 😉

I thought I would write up a quick little post detailing a few ways I was able to save and redo my room on the budget I set.

First up – paint.  I had seen Benjamin Moore Harbor Gray/Silver Chain mentioned all over Pinterest when I was searching for a nice neutral gray, but BM paint is really expensive – and according to Consumer Reports, it’s not rated any better than others.  So when I saw Behr was on sale and they could color match to the BM color, … that made me happy, and I am super happy with the color it turned out.

Next, the items I got from Amazon (the dark bins, the gray velvet hangers, the cedar flowers, the desk), all but a little bit of it (I think about all but $20) was paid for by redeeming SB points from Swagbucks.  I talk about them a lot on my Facebook page, but they have helped tremendously – if you are a blogger, I highly recommend their Influencer program.  Something always seems to come up that I want to redeem my points for, but I’m hoping to save up for a computer (maybe even a Mac) for when my current one finally goes kaput.

Also paid mostly for from Swagbucks was the Sauder bookcase!  It was on a great sale, and then with the gift cards I believe what I actually paid was $47.

Another site I use quite a bit when I was buying things online for my room redo, and use in general whenever shopping for anything online, is Ebates.  No, it’s not a lot, but getting any money back for free is always a good thing in my book, plus it adds up eventually.  Also, if you join from my link, you’ll get $10 just for using it.  Plus you can enter to win a 2016 Toyota Highlander Hybrid (and they also have a great blogger program).

And finally, something else I saved on for my room was the nautical-inspired rattan table lamp with linen shade.  I was able to get that through a program called Vipon.  It is free to join (just like all the others have been), and you are able to request items from Amazon at a reduced price – if you love them, you are free to leave a review on Amazon, but you’re not required to do so.  The lamp is so high quality, and it was only $4.80 or something like that.

Now for the surprise…..

I, along with a few other bloggers, will be hosting a “12 Days of Christmas” Giveaway – there will be various giveaways over the next 12 days, starting tomorrow.  Each giveaway will last 1 week from the day it’s posted, with the last one ending on Christmas day.  🙂  You seriously will NOT want to miss these!!  There will be health/food/fitness/beauty and more.  Psst – tomorrow’s giveaway will be a gorgeous beauty item you will love for yourself or for a Christmas gift!

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