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One of the reasons I’ve been absent from the blogosphere is because I’ve been busy renovating/redecorating a room.  I didn’t take very many before photos, but this room used to have my closet, a dresser, mirror, a bed, a long craft table, a desk, and a small bookshelf.  It was crowded and felt so narrow (because it is a narrow room).  I don’t actually sleep in this room, so when I decided to redo this space, the bed was the first thing to go.  Now, this room is a dressing area, a reading area/prayer space, and an office.  I had SO much fun with this project! I will list at the bottom, wherever I can, where I purchased everything from in case anything stands out that you are curious about.

So, without further ado, here is my room redo:




Before (technically more like in progress/beginning) – a very purple room with lavender paint and purple balloon valances.  I had thought that I would put wood look laminate flooring down, but the house is probably 150 years old and the floors are very very crooked, so it would have been too much work and money to get leveler.  Plus the carpet was in decent condition.

After (get ready for the deluge of photos!)



















Sauder bookcase // Luminara lanterns from ebay // dark baskets // velvet hangers // lace curtains // tub chair // pillow and pillow(in teal) // desk //  lamp // lighter baskets

Dollar Tree finds – the vase and the pear on the middle shelf of the small bookcase and the vase on top of the Sauder bookcase as well as the multicolored and clear flat marbles in the vase.  The highchair was my great-great aunt’s highchair, so I love that in this space.  The light teal/aqua side table was also vintage, as well as the floor lamp.  The lamp’s middle socket is a mogul bulb, so I am awaiting an adapter so I can use it.  It used to be brass, but a spray of spray paint brought it back to life.

My desk looks so empty because I haven’t moved my laptop and stuff there yet, and I also still want to put a mirror in the room (probably a thin wall one to take up less space), and I’d like to hang something on one of the walls.

Speaking of the walls, the paint color I went with is Benjamin Moore Harbor Gray (aka Silver Chain).  In searching through Pinterest for the perfect true gray, I came across several people saying it was the color of choice.  Because BM was so much pricier than Behr, I had it color matched in the Behr formula.  This room gets a ton of natural light, so it was important to me to not have a color that would diminish any of that.  I also painted all the baseboard and woodwork white instead of that not-so-nice shade of golden honey oak.  I was able to reuse my curtain rods.  I was originally going to reuse my dresser by taking out the drawer for open shelving for my bins, but the drawers weren’t tall at all, so it wasn’t worth it – I just repurposed the bookcase I had for my bins.  Then this Sauder bookcase…. oh, do I ever love it!  It is the perfect cool-toned grayish brown taupey color, and I love the little knots that give it character and a slight rustic quality.  It was fairly easy to put together as well (did most of it myself).

Overall, I am so thrilled with how the space evolved.  Tomorrow, I will share little secrets of how I was able to stay on budget with this redo.

Do you enjoy redecorating/renovating?  What was your last project?


  1. So cute! You did a great job with this, girl!

  2. I love what you did with the room! Looks great. 🙂

  3. I love it so much! The paint color is beautiful!

    • leafynotbeefy says:

      I find the color relaxing – if you ever are looking for a gray paint, I def. recommend it. 🙂 Thanks so much for stopping by!

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