Cold-Case Christianity for Kids

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Some unexpected blog hiccups, but I’m back!  Felt like way too long, and I’m sorry!  Today, I have a way overdue review of a book for children called Cold-Case Christianity for Kids by J. Warner Wallace and Susie Wallace.


Between the ages of 8 and 12, kids often start to wonder if Christianity is true.

In Cold-Case Christianity for Kids, detective J. Warner Wallace draws readers into the thrill of high-stakes investigation by showing them how to think rather than telling them what to think. In this children’s companion to the bestselling Cold-Case Christianity, detective Wallace gets kids excited about testing witnesses, examining the evidence, and investigating the case for Christianity. Includes author illustrations and links to a website where kids can download activities, fill in case notes, and earn a certificate of merit.

Detective Wallace gets kids excited about testing witnesses, examining the evidence, and investigating the case for Christianity.

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About the authors:

J. Warner and Susie Wallace have been training young people in the church setting for over a decade. J. Warner is a cold-case homicide detective who has been featured on Dateline, FOX News, Court TV and other crime-related television shows. A former atheist, he is the author of Cold-Case Christianity God’s Crime Scene and Forensic Faith. He has a master’s degree in theology and is the founder of Susie has a master’s degree in speech pathology and co-writes (and edits) all the kids books in this series. J. Warner and Susie have four children and live in southern California.

My Thoughts

I am planning on giving this to my 10-year-old nephew – I know he will love it because he likes solving mysteries and “who-dun-it” type stuff.  I wasn’t sure what to expect, as I had never read any of Mr. Wallace’s previous books – seeing him on God’s Not Dead 2 was my first exposure, so when I realized it was the topic of defending our faith but written for the child perspective, I was keen to review.

The wording is at just the right level – not at all too far above the target age group, but never below or dumbing anything down either.  There are illustrations throughout, as well as little blurbs on the sides with things like “CSI”, “Dip Deep”, and “Detective Definitions” – short “assignments” that reinforce or further expound on the topic of each chapter.  I especially though the tie-in of the Internet resources was great, since kids are so wired it’s just natural for them.  There are downloadable fill-in sheets for each chapter as well as a downloadable certificate of promotion (which is also in the book, but your child or loved one may want a bigger version), which makes it all feel more “official”.  It is a relatively short read – just right, though, for the age group.  Can’t think of anything negative to say about this book that reads/feels like an adventure/fiction book, but teaches invaluable reasoning, investigative, and Biblical principles.

*This book was provided complimentary from Litfuse Publicity.  All my reviews are honest and true to my thoughts.


I’ve been working on a total redo of a room – can’t wait to share some pictures!  I’m really happy with how it has changed and how it looks!  Also have some recent foodie finds I want to share! And how can it be nearly Thanksgiving!?!

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