Summer Loving

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What happened to spring?  I am not sure, but did it fly by faster than usual or is it just me?  And now we’re already into the final third of June?!

Bring on the sunshine!

sunshine (Loving my new Plexus super lightweight hoodie for chilly days this spring/summer)


A little while ago, I had to get some new glasses, and Firmoo reached out to me offering me a pair to review.  So that was super fun!  I decided to go the trendy route and try out a pair of these larger glasses – they are so not me, but it was fun to try something new.  I LOVE that there are so many online options these days for eyewear, and provided you get the correct measurements and have your prescription, it’s really not that difficult to get glasses that are just right for you!  I have a low-to-mid strength prescription (-1 and -1.5 or something like that, I forget off the top of my head), but I have a super strong astigmatism (-3 or -4 or something like that in each eye).  But the glasses came in a reasonable timeframe and the prescription is spot on.  Super clear and crisp.  I have never had a pair of glasses that didn’t have the nose pieces, so that is something I had to get used to with these – they are acetate, which I also never had.  These won’t be my everyday glasses just because I’m not super crazy about this trendy look on me, but they are a nice backup pair.  If I could suggest one thing to Firmoo it would be to increase the selection of non-acetate smaller framed glasses, maybe even more feminine detailed options.

Firmoo glasses

But I have been overall very pleased with Firmoo, and will definitely consider them for my next pair of eye glasses!

Q: Are you enjoying the start of summer?  Anything fun coming up?

A: I have an annual family reunion coming up that I’m excited about – great to see relatives you haven’t seen in a little while (and thankful I have a family reunion that I don’t dread going to – I know a lot of people could care less or don’t go to family reunions because family is divided and can’t find a commonality, which is sad but the case for many.)

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