New Year, New You…?


Well, Christmas and New Years came and went… and here we are halfway through January.  I’m not sure how that happened, but time never stands still, especially not when we want it to.  Do you have resolutions, goals, whatever you want to call them?  I picked out a word for myself to try to focus on this year – – – it is the word “brave”.  More on that later because there’s so much I want to flesh out and really dig deeper on that, but suffice it to say that encompasses an awful lot of things in my life..being brave or letting fear rule.  I’m thinking (if I can get into an actual blog schedule) that Sunday will be my “deep thought” days here on the blog.  But today is Friday, which means…

Fitness Friday is back!

As much as I wish I were, I am a) not an avid exerciser – as in someone who vigorously exercises for at least an hour a day or hits the gym for 60 minutes a night.  I’m just not.  I do enjoy exercise (on my terms, haha); and b) the “on my terms” is because I am not in shape…I know I’m not in shape, and yes, I should get in shape – i.e. not feel like I’ll fall over and die if I have to run for more than a few minutes at a time.  But exercise in general is so healthy.  So if you’re a die-hard marathoner or just a casual walker, a focused yoga-er or just like simple ballet or stretches (which can actually be really intense) – just find whatever exercise is something that you enjoy doing – something that you can do each day and not tire of it.

I love to try new programs and exercise DVDs (especially if they are on the more balletic/pilates/stretching vein), but sometimes just going back to your exercise first love is important too.  So I pulled out and dusted off my Oxycise tapes (yes, tapes, lol, though I do have one of their DVDs) and have begun a routine of doing 2 Oxycise sessions per day.  My real goal is to at least do 1 a day so I get back in that habit, but setting the bar high means when I “fail” by only getting in 1 session, I still meet my true goal.  (haha, yes, there must be some weird psychology to this, but it works much better for me than setting the goal at 1, and I don’t get bent out of shape at all if I do only get in 1 instead of 2).  So since I started this routine on January 5th, I’ve only missed 1 day where I didn’t do any, and only a handful of days where I just got in 1, so I’d say I’m doing pretty good!  I have Level 1 (but I let someone borrow it, and can’t remember who, so I don’t currently have it), Level 2 (gets played the most), Level 4, Buns & Thighs I, and Upper Body.    What is Oxycise you say?   Weeeellllll….. I’ll warn you – it’s not *quite as strange as Prancersize or Bodyflex – although it does focus on a breathing technique while flexing various muscles, so I guess it’s similar in that way to BodyFlex, but it’s less scary looking.   But still, I’ll freely admit, if someone saw you exercising, they’d more than likely say, “What in the world are you doing??”.  But anyways, if you’re up to trying new things (well, it’s not new, so I guess new-to-you things, give it a try – measure yourself first and then do it for a week or so and see what your results are like).

Here are my results so far:

I measure bust, both right and left upper arm, ribs, waist (natural waist), abs (bellybutton), hips (largest part), both right and left upper thigh, both right and left lower thigh, and both right and left calf.  From January 5th – January 11th, I lost 2.2 lbs, but more importantly, 10.25″!!  I’m super happy with that!  I’ve decided to measure on Monday mornings and Friday mornings (I forgot to measure this morning) because sometimes it’s easy for me to not exercise at all over the weekend, and this will keep me exercising knowing I’ll be measuring again come Monday morning.

I like that I can just wear what I want and be comfortable to exercise in my home and not need to go to a gym (of course, there’s nothing wrong with the gym and for many that’s preferred).


(Comfy athletic Kushyfoot socks)

Along with the consistent exercise, I’ve been taking my Plexus products (the TriPlex and Ease) and drinking about 80 oz of water a day.

Happy Friday!

Have you started anything new exercise wise for 2016?


  1. That sounds like something I would be interested in! I am like you in that I don’t do marathons or exercise all day every day. I like the way you think! It does sound very interesting! I agreed with everything in this newsletter!!!

    • leafynotbeefy says:

      I’m glad it resonated with you – there are soooo many running bloggers out there, and while sometimes I wish I could be like them, I’m just not and have to do things my own way.

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