Wrap Me Up in Blues and Pinks and Call me Summertime

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I very much love fashion and style, but I am by no means a fashion blogger, nor do I really keep up with all the current trends or colors. But one thing I do know – I love pastels, floral prints, romantic notions, detailed touches, and anything remotely feminine and girly.

If I could, I’d take one of nearly everything Joe Browns sells.  It’s about that time again – Joe Browns Summer Sale -when they have a great sale – lots of half offs and great savings. They are located in England, but they ship to United States in a very timely manner, and I’ve always been more than thrilled with their customer service and their clothing. Drool.I.Am. #swoonalert

So here is a collage of a FEW of my favorite items that will be going on sale (and seriously, I had to limit myself – but there are a ton more that I really like).  I noticed a trend with the pieces that I was loving the most – blues and pinks/peaches.

Joe Browns Summer Sale

Top row: Peggy Sue Dress; Perfect Pointelle Cardigan; Distressed Floral T-shirt with Scarf; Crochet Cover Up; Capri Trousers.

Bottom row: Vintage Dress; Santorini Top; Vintage Hitch Halter Dress.

Have you anything from Joe Browns?  Is my style your style?  If you like a little less over-the-top romantic, they have plenty of different styles to suit everyone’s whims, so still check them out.


  1. Oh wow…I love those patterns! I really like the floral dress on the bottom left corner. Flower power all the way! 🙂

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