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Woops, how does a week+ go by so stinkin’ fast?  Well, I don’t have much time to write today, but just wanted to quickly jot down a recap of last weeks’ goals and write out this weeks’ goals (even though it’s Tuesday…better late than never, right?)

To recap, this was what I wrote last Sunday for my goals for the week and what I *actually* did in the purple:


Eat as clean as possible; keep a close eye on sugars and hidden sugars; eat plenty of vegetables

I need to do better about writing down what I eat on paper.  A few friends of mine on FB actually hold each other accountable for our daily eats so I type them up, but I need to write it down so I can see it in front of me.  Overall, not bad, not incredibly great.  I did eat more veggies, though.


Take my Plexus products each day; drink a min. of 85 oz of water each day

I took my supplements each day, but I missed on my water a few days – also need to write this down in a planner so I see it all in one spot.

Exercise/Healthy Movement:

Do Oxycise x7; Ballet Beautiful arms x2, Ballet Beautiful legs x2; T-Tapp x3; Cellerciser/Bellicon 5 min x6

I feel I did good on the exercise front, not quite doing exactly what I set out to (did Oxycise x3 instead of x7, Bellicon x3 instead of x6, no T-Tapp, but Ballet Beautiful arms x5 instead of x2, Ballet Beautiful legs x2, and Classical Stretch x1).

M: Oxycise, Bellicon

T: Oxycise, Bellicon, Ballet Beautiful arms

W: Classical Stretch

Th: Bellicon, Ballet Beautiful arms, Ballet Beautiful legs

F: Ballet Beautiful arms

S: Ballet Beautiful arms

Su: Oxycise, Ballet Beautiful arms, Ballet Beautiful legs

Goals for This Week:


Continue to focus on veggies and not having sugar


I ran out of my Plexus Slim, so I will have a few days without it, but otherwise, keep taking my supplements and at least 85 oz of water a day.


Oxycise x7, Ballet Beautiful arms/legs or combination x4, Cellercise/Bellicon x3, and I also want to get out my chi machine and hot house and relax each evening for a few minutes doing them.

I know this is a boring post – my week was busy last week, and I’m swamped with work right now.  Having a yard sale on Saturday, so will be getting ready for that this week.

Have any plans for this week or weekend?

How did you do on your own weekly goals from this past week?

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