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Sometimes, life has a way of getting our attention.  Actually, let me rephrase that…God has a way of getting our attention.  He uses our life circumstances and happenings to get our attention.  Sometimes, we choose to ignore Him.  We think we’ve got it all figured out on our own…we can handle it.  Or maybe we think we can’t handle, but surely neither could God, right?  I’m ashamed to admit it, but that has been me.  It might be big monumental life changes and things that really shake us to our core, or it might be just a still small voice that is calling out to us in the midst of silent despair.  It doesn’t matter whether it’s large or small, we need to heed that voice.

I went to a woman’s conference this past weekend.  The theme was “Under His Wings”, and while words like “protection”, “shelter”, “guide”, and “love” were key words, the overall takeaway I really got was of abiding…of not just knowing that God is our shelter and loves us, but that we actually need Him.  He’s not our last resort.  He’s not a crutch.  He is my everything.  That’s really powerful, and something I’m going to have to remind myself every.single.day.  It never gets old, does it?

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When good things are happening, I need Him.  When bad things are happening, I need Him.  He is my light and my salvation!  No matter what my circumstances may be, no matter if I feel I’ve failed God and others, no matter if I at times feel “cheated” or like my life could be so much better, I need Him and His light to shine in me and then shine out of me to others.  I might fail God and others, but He never fails.  I might feel cheated or like life could be better, but God is the best gift and is all that I need.  I might feel darkness and that my light grows dim, but God is the brightest light and brings light to the darkness.  Also, did you notice I “feel” these things, but God is truth, and truth is not really a feeling.  I need to saturate myself in the Light of His Word so that my thoughts/feelings/actions/…my life, all match up with the Truth.

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I had heard this song sung before, but as I was pondering what I was going to write here, I subconsciously started humming this song.  I don’t really believe in coincidences, so I will share it and hope it blesses someone.

I hope you will let Him be your Light.  Not just one of many little lights in your life, but THE light of your life.

I think the beautiful Light Collection from Dayspring (in particular, the necklace pictured above, available from {in}courage from Dayspring) is a great wearable reminder that I need Him.



  1. Kelly,
    This is a beautiful post that touched my heart. In this busy world it’s a little too easy to forget that we need God. Thank you for this much needed reminder.
    ~Lovelle from DaySpring

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