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Even though I’ve recently been introduced to Jamberry and appreciate the longevity and unique patterns they have, I am using my Jams for special occasions, not as an all-the-time thing.  So I thought I would put together a little list of some of my own personal favorite nail polish colors.  They are all from Zoya, because except for a few bottles, they are what I have, and because I like them, they wear well, and they are 5-Free, I figure why not stick with what works.

In no particular order, my nail polish favorites:

ZOYA_POLISH_VEGA_456 ZOYA_POLISH_LUX_456 Zoya_Nail_Polish_in_Kelly_456 961515.ZP365_portia__225.1__ Zoya_Nail_Polish_in_Rea_456 Zoya_Nail_Polish_in_Trixie_456 ZOYA_POLISH_ODETTE_456 ZOYA_POLISH_BRIGITTE_456 Zoya_PixieDust_Nail_Polish_in_Godiva_456 Zoya_PixieDust_Nail_Polish_in_Vespa_456 Zoya_PixieDust_Nail_Polish_in_Nyx_456

Vega ~ Lux ~ Kelly ~ Portia ~ Rea ~ Trixie ~ Odette ~ Brigitte ~ Godiva ~ Vespa ~ Nyx

And two honorable mentions (colors I don’t wear that often, but I still really like and are still favorites):

Art of Beauty Zoya_Nail_Polish_in_Crystal_456

Blaze ~ Crystal

I currently have a combination of Vega and Lux on my toes (just a random one coat of each- makes a neat purple/pink/blue effect) and my nails are bare.  I’m thinking Rea for my nails this week!


  1. Shiree Martin says:

    Thanks for telling me about Zoya! I have heard you mention it but I didn’t realize it was a healthier nail polish. I’ll put it on my wishlist!

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