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I gave you a little teaser the other day, but I wanted to go in more depth of Holy Clothing – I have seen their clothing here and there and loved many of the styles, so I was very excited when I was given the chance to review a dress. Choosing just which article of clothing to review, however, was the hardest part because they have a lot of styles. Fortunately/unfortunately, they didn’t have the size I wanted in all the styles I was looking at, which made my decision easier: I decided on the Riona dress. It really is so beautiful.

But before I share some pictures of the actual dress, I want to talk a little bit about my their online store. Something great about Holy Clothing is they have a wide variety of sizes, from S through 5x, so I think virtually anyone could wear their clothing. They also have many color choices (not all are available in all colors/all sizes, so you’ll have to see if what you want is available and keep your eyes open because everyone seems to love them). Customer service is very friendly and very helpful – if you have a question or can’t figure out your size, they can help you. About the sizing, they offer a general size chart and then an actual garment measurement chart – – – go by the AGM chart for a more accurate fit, as each batch is measured and is more precise than the general size chart.

The Riona is, like I said, such a pretty and beautiful dress! It has elements to it that I really love – the lace-up ties in the front add a bit of fairy/storybook charm, but it’s not over the top so that I would feel silly wearing it anywhere. It is long, but I am on the short side (5’2.5″) and the cut of the dress – it is longer in the middle front and middle back, so that’s the only place where it’s a bit too long for me, and it didn’t cause me to trip or anything, so I didn’t feel a pressing need to hem it or wear chunky heels. I would think if you’re of average height – taller than me – it would be great ankle length dress. If you’re shorter than me, you will need to hem. But they do also offer shorter dresses and sundresses, tunics, tops, and skirts.

Another element of the dress that I love? Okay, a few more things actually. First, the intricate embroidery. I tried to capture on video the details of this dress – it is so full of embroidery! The fit of the dress is very forgiving! I got a size Large, but was a tiny bit worried that it might be a little big, and was wanting the Medium, but they didn’t have that in stock. But just the fit of it is great because it is loose, but not bad loose if that makes sense. It’s a little loose, but it doesn’t make me look bigger (sometimes an issue I’ve found being on the short and curvy side is it’s important that I get clothing that is fitted (but not tight) or else I can quickly look sloppy and bigger. The lines of this dress, though, are so flattering, and I feel taller and slimmer in it. Oh, and it’s the ultimate twirl-around-like-a-little-girl dress (come on, admit you’ve done this on occasion!). It is light enough in weight to be a great spring/summertime dress, but has enough weight to it that it hangs nicely. I wore it with a Halftee under it, but you could wear a cardigan, jean jacket/cowboy boots… you could really just make it your own. Oh, and in addition to all the other great qualities I’ve mentioned, it’s also butter soft and comfortable. If you’re someone who rarely wears dresses or you’re someone who can’t wait to change into sweats, I think this would be a great dress for you. I wear dresses quite frequently, but I I also like to be super comfortable, and found this dress to seriously be just as comfortable as your comfy pants.


Delivery was very fast. (It comes DHL, so you’ll need to be around to sign for it or leave them a signed note that they can leave it). They are always having giveaways on their Facebook page, and you can get $5 off your order when you sign up for their newsletter (and they don’t spam you, don’t worry, just the occasional emails from them).

Would I recommend you buy from Holy Clothing? Absolutely! I think the quality is great, the value for the price is excellent, and the customer service is helpful and friendly. If I were a teacher, I’d give them an A+ (and maybe some bonus points) and am already planning my next dress I want to buy from them.

Check out the little video I shot that hopefully gives you a better idea of the intricate embroidery and the color (I picked the color Blue Divine).


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  1. That dress is so pretty. I love a long flowy dress. Nothing is more feminine. The color is pretty, too! I love a store that celebrates every woman!


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