Sunday Style Spring is coming …or so one can hope.


Spring cannot get here soon enough.  I know I say that every year about this time, but it’s true.  I don’t think I would function very well in a climate that was winter all year round.  I’m glad for the four distinct seasons so that I really appreciate my favorite seasons (spring and fall), but this year I am getting especially antsy for its arrival.  I am finally getting over a cold (cross your fingers; it’s been spread back and forth around my family for probably close to a month and a half, and thankfully this is only the first sickness I’ve picked up this year).  I was feeling particularly “spring-ish” yesterday since we sprung our clocks ahead and all…. maybe some wishful thinking can hasten its arrival?

Sunday Style Spring

[skirt: Ross or Marshalls many years ago// peach T, cardigan, and earrings: DYT // necklace: ebay // watch: Charming Charlie; love the lip color I’m wearing – it’s no longer sold called Love Birds over a little bit of another discontinued color called Pink Lemonade, but they are Everyday Minerals]

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  1. Oh man I so do NOT like four seasons. I want two: 60 degrees and 90 degrees. Three months at a time. Moderate humidity. (I don’t mind humid and don’t love super dry.) This exists right??

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