November goals: How’d I do? December goals


Did I meet my November goals??? So, bad news, good news.  Bad news?  I didn’t meet my November goals, as far as the number goal I had set for myself.  But I feel in some ways I did meet my goal because I’m following through and posting these pictures, I am in a good mind frame, and I’m excited for this next month to see what I can accomplish.  Instead of looking at it like, “I only have a month to make my goal!” and being kind of stressed about it, I’m now thinking of it like, “Okay.  I have a month.  Let’s see what I can accomplish!”  It makes it much more fun and more of a challenge, but not like a “I have to” kind of thing, if that makes sense.

I forgot to take October side pics, but from now on will be doing those as well.   Oh, and more bad news/good news?  A friend of mine let me borrow her scale that measures body fat percentage, and it’s bad…. I was under the (false) idea that I must be sort of muscular, but yeah, nope.  My BF % is currently 38.4%.  Hey, it can only get better from here on, right?  My bones apparently weigh 7.2, which I guess is pretty good (yay no osteoporosis hopefully).   I have no gauge on what is an achievable bf% loss in a month, but I’m going to just put a number out there – by December 27, I hope my bf% is down to 32% (is that a crazy goal?  Please educate me!!)



And now the comparison pic from this past month:


What are my number goals for this next month?  I’m going to say a 5-lb loss and decrease my body fat percentage as much as I can.

What am I doing to accomplish that?  Eating as clean as possible, but eating enough and drinking more water than I currently have been.  Exercise:  Doing The Bar Method 3-5 times a week with Oxycise and Cellercise throughout the week, but especially make sure to do them on my days off from Barre.

P.S.  I finally got a Polar heart rate monitor – it was on sale for a good price on Amazon and couldn’t resist – - – It’s an early Christmas present to myself and it should get here today!


  1. You win some, you lose some :) Stay the course and you’ll meet your goals. Glad you’re not getting too stressed. Go with the flow :) You look amazing!

  2. You look wonderful. Stay positive and don’t stress. I hope you will stop by Katherines Corner today, I think you might like the post. (wink) xo

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