Online Black Friday-Cyber Monday Shopping Spree


Nope, you didn’t read wrong in my last post – - I didn’t brave the crazies to go Black Friday shopping (and by crazies, I admit I was one 2 years ago when I got up at 2 a.m., but I was with friends and it was sort of fun….sort of,…. haha, no, it actually was pretty fun, but it was seriously crazy seeing just how serious some people are about it.  I went more with the attitude, “Okay, if I see ____ and they still have some left, great, maybe I’ll put it up”, NOT with the attitude, “You get in my way, I will trample you.  I will pitch my tent and camp out immediately following Thanksgiving dinner, and should somebody get the last product before me, better watch out!”  That’s just ridiculous.  And sadly, it happens.   Okay, so no, this is not about my shopping adventures.  I am having an online Black Friday through Cyber Monday Shopping Spree (Thirty-One style!).  So, if you are thinking about picking something up for yourself or a family member/friend, now’s a good time because I’m giving 10% off any order size.  Plus, if you happen to have a large order (or go in with another person or two) of $200 or greater, you’ll get a free Organizing Utility Tote and $25 in free product!  Score, right?  (If you do place a large enough order to get those extra rewards, I will email you to find out what pattern you want for your Organizing Utility Tote ($30 value) and what you want for your $25 product credit!

Cyber Monday

Here is the link:

And here is a link to view the catalog in pdf:

Don’t forget to enter the #Swanson30DayGiveaway for a $100 gift card!!!!  (only 9 hours left!!)


  1. I went with friends a couple times JUST to experience black Friday, and BOY was it crazy!!! HAHA I was glad I didn’t go to buy anything and just to watch.

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