Easy Purse Refashion:Transform Your Purse in Minutes


I recently purchased this bag from Amazon with some Swagbucks I had accumulated.

What I didn’t notice from the pictures, however, was that the hardware on the bag was brass.  I liked it and was okay with it, even though I thought it was going to be silver.  But then I decided to change it to silver, and I like it even more now.  No, I didn’t have to out and buy new hardware (not even sure they sell stuff like that), I just had to pick out my favorite silver nail polish (Zoya Trixie) and easy, peasy, 15 minutes later it was transformed!  Check out this easy purse refashion:

Step 1:  Gather your supplies.

This would include your bag, the nail polish you want, and a well ventilated area to do your nail polishing, er, bag polishing.

Step 2:  Tape around the studs and hardware.

This is completely optional (I didn’t do this) but if you’re worried that you won’t paint neat enough, you could tape around the studs/rivets or other hardware on your item.

Step 3:  Go ahead and paint!

Only one coat was necessary for mine.  It took about 15 minutes to paint the 28 studs and 4 hardware pieces on my bag.  Let it dry and come back to a transformed bag!  This would be a great thing to do with say a bag you love from Goodwill or Salvation Army but it’s in a metal you don’t like, and this can be done on things other than just handbags.  Use your imagination.

easy purse refashion

And there you have a super easy purse refashion that anyone can do and it can really transform the whole look by such a simple change.

I’d love to hear if you do this on a bag you own or maybe some other accessory!


  1. I used nail polish on some earrings. I wear them now!

  2. You’re so creative- love this idea! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! Excited to follow via Bloglovin and read more from you 🙂


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