Let’s Workout! Boxing Bootcamp and ViewSPORT sweat activated technology


I want to share some fitness related stuff with you all today – Empower Boxing Bootcamp and ViewSPORT.  But first, if you’ve noticed I’ve been quieter than usual, that’d be because I got the flu/cold/allergies I wouldn’t wish on anyone.  Started out last Wednesday morning when I woke up with just a notion of maybe a cold…you know, just that little tickle in your throat.  But by mid-day, it developed into headache, fever, body aches, and then continued with a barky cough, sneezing upteen times an hour, and just general ickiness.  Sometimes we get in our heads that doing nothing all day would be a marvelous thing, but it begins to get really old after a day or so of doing absolutely nothing.  It didn’t help that I kept waking up at 1:30 a.m. for the first 3 nights, convinced it was time to get up.  Oh, and when my constant low-grade fever of 99.6 woke me up at said time and then plummetted to 92.9 degrees, resulting in about a 2-minute time period where I was sure I was dying or something.  Not fun.  But good news is I am nearly back to feeling myself again.  No more feeling yucky, just some lingering cough/congestion and some allergy symptoms if I walk outside.  But so much better than being confined to bed and drinking herbal tea with honey and eating toast with jam all day. [By the way, do you have any paricular “sick food” things you go for when you’re sick?  It’s always been herbal tea with honey and toast with butter and strawberry jelly for me]

So while I haven’t done much exercise of any sort for the past week (except for an exercise I’m incorporating in a 40-day challenge – I’ll share more on this in a different post), I wanted to share some of what I’ve been doing for a few weeks prior to this past week.

Empower Fitness Boxing Boot Camp – this is an all-out sweat fest (though I have found, I’m not that much of a sweater apparently, I just turn beet red).  Think boxing, punching, jumping rope, and lifting a 6-pound medicine ball wouldn’t be that much of a workout?  Try 12 rounds, and I’m sure you’ll rethink that.  Because I don’t have the ceiling height to use the jump rope, I did the “pretend jump rope” techinque.  The first tme I attempted the workout, I didn’t make it all the way through… yeah, I only made it to the end of the 9th round.  The second and third time I did it, though, I pushed through until the end.  I’m definitely not a conditioned athlete by any stretch of the imagination, so this was a good challenge for me.  Woke up sore (a good sore) the day after each workout.  The moves are explained and taught, and even though some of them can be a tiny bit confusing, you pick it up quickly and then can focus each time on getting better form and putting more gusto into each punch and strike.  The weighted gloves were comfortable, and the weighted ball a nice addition as well [and something my 2-year-old nephew now likes to lug around the house, dropping it when it’s too much for him, saying, “That heavy ball!”)


While working out, I sported this tee from ViewSPORT – it says “This just happened” with arrows pointing to the inevitable pit sweat marks that come with exercising.  The fun thing about ViewSPORT’s athletic apparel is when you sweat, the sweat activated technoloy reveals a hidden message.  So it motivates you to work out harder so the message will be revealed.

Sadly, I must not sweat in the right spot or just not sweat enough, because my message wouldn’t show up.  But I’ll keep trying – so it’s mission is working on me so far – it’s pushing me to give it 110%.  The shirt is very soft and comfortable.   The people are awesome as well – I had an issue with the first tank I was sent – and they were quick and awesome about exchanging it for a different one.  They have size charts, and I find they run accurate to their charts.  I got a size L (could’ve worn an XL, but I’m looking to the future as well, lol).  Your sweat + hard work = motivation revealed is a phrase they use.  Isn’t this such an awesome idea?  Stay tuned because there’ll be a chance for one of you to get a ViewSPORT shirt as well.


Hope you all are having a great Wednesday.  I know mine is way better than last Wednesday.  It’s April, and it’s finally starting to warm up!  Have a great day!

*products sent for review purposes; I was under no obligation to give a favorable reivew.  All opinions are my own.


  1. I’m glad you are feeling better! I haven’t heard of Empower Boxing Boot Camp, but it sounds like you get a great workout.

    Thanks for visiting my blog last week and making my SITS Day special!

  2. SO glad you are feeling better! I don’t know that I have a go-to meal when I’m sick. Good question! LOVE the shirt and the saying on the back! That’s awesome!

  3. Hi, I just saw this video workout set at TJMaxx for $19.99. I’m having hard time finding reviews and testimony of weight loss using the product. It’s a lot cheaper then Insanity and TapoutXT so if it works the same I will get the video because the price is so cheap. How is the video going for you? Are you losing weight? Would you recommend the video? Thanks !

    • leafynotbeefy says:

      I would recommend the set. I actually am not currently doing it, just because I’m trying out something else right now, but it’s a good workout, you sweat, and you’ll be sore. Sorry, I can’t say if I’m losing weight, as I don’t weigh myself anymore, but I think slowly I am losing inches. Good luck!

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