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I am not a very organized person.   One area that I’m trying to improve.  Perhaps it’s a stubborn streak in me, but I don’t want to be told how to organize…I want to figure it out in my own way and in a way that makes sense [to me].  If you are a naturally organized, linear-thinking person, you may feel there is only one way to do things, but I say think outside the box a bit.  What works for your sense of organization may not work longterm for someone else.  I.E. say you like to have things all put away, lots of open space, and everything pretty much hidden from sight.  You’ll probably be bugged if someone told you the way to organize would be to have everything in easy reach and plainly visible out in the open.  In other words, you have to find what works for you for organizing…including jewelry organization.

Before this weekend, I had my scarves all piled up hanging over the knobs of my standing mirror – I thought it looked sort of romantic and fun.  I attached a 3-hook bar to the side of my [$5 yard sale find that I painted] dresser.  I had all my necklaces, bracelets, watch all hanging on the 3 hooks.  Then all my earrings were in a tiny compartement jewelry organization thing (you know, one of those small plastic things with a few dividers in them)- except I had to dig to find what I wanted and they just ended up all on top of my dreser instead.  My necklaces would get semi-tangled and it was just a bit frustrating.

I was wanting to be all crafty and make a DIY pegboard jewelry organiztion system, but the one I tried didn’t really look very pretty to me.  So I just went the Amazon route (since I had a little bit of Swagbucks credit left) and got this:

I really like how it looks now.  Plus, now I can put my scarves on the 3 hooks instead.  It actually seems to make my long narrow room seem a bit more spacious, and it just looks pretty! I’m so glad I got this to use for my jewelry organizer!  It sure beats what I used to use!  There are lots of ideas on Pinterest too, but since I had some credit and wanted to just have it be done, I went this route.

jewerly organization

jewelry organization

Then I added in my flower pins/hair clips along the top

jewelry organization

jewelry organization

jewelry organization

jewelry organization


  • What do you think?
  • Do you have a favorite jewerly organization method?

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  1. That looks great!

  2. Cute!

  3. That’s a great organizer! I’ve got my necklaces and earrings spread all around. It would be nice to have them in one place! Thanks for sharing this (even though I know I’m commenting on an old post ;))

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